The Two Most Common Computer Issues That Business Face
Image courtesy of Search Engine People Blog

Image courtesy of Search Engine People Blog

Every business uses computers and technology to operate every day, whether it’s to connect with potential customers over social media pages, send invoices electronically, keep in touch with contacts via email, or perform research that’ll help the business succeed into the future. But with computers and technology come computer issues, from simple problems that can be resolved easily and quickly to those that are more complex and require the assistance of a qualified IT support team.

If you run a business of any size, you should be prepared to handle the common computer issues that will inevitably arise at some point or another. Below are two computer problems that plague businesses the most often. Read through them so that you not only know what to expect but also so that you will be better prepared to handle them.

Computer Viruses

There are many ways in which viruses can infect computers in a workplace. An employee may bring a virus in from another computer by saving a corrupt file onto a portable drive that he then uses to upload the file to his work computer. Or a worker may end up downloading a corrupt file from a client or from the internet without realising that there’s a virus attached to the file. If the virus remains on the one worker’s computer, then this is not really a major issue, as that computer will simply need to be dealt with properly by the IT support staff, who will most likely clear everything off the computer and then reinstall the operating system, programs, and files that need to be replaced.

The real problems arise when a computer that’s infected with a virus in a business environment ends up infecting other computers at that business. This can occur as a result of file sharing among employees who email files to one another, which is necessary to get work done, or it can occur as a result of the computers being connected to one another over a network. When sharing files over a network, and when saving files to folders that are accessible across an entire network, if any of those files are corrupted by a virus, that virus will then more easily spread to all computers on the network and cause major problems within the organisation. Removing the virus from the network is a more time-consuming and difficult process which should definitely be handled by the proper IT support staff that’s been trained to deal with these kinds of problems.

Poor Internet Connection

The problem with running a wireless network in a small business is that when the internet goes down, every computer in the workplace is affected and productivity comes to a screeching halt. Even the fastest, most reliable internet providers sometimes have problems on their end that causes your connection to shut down.

First, have your IT staff make sure that it isn’t a problem on your end that is causing the connection problems, then contact your internet provider to inform them of the problem so that they can fix it from their end. The sooner you address the problem, the sooner you’ll be back up and running.

[author ]Jeffery Rogers is a professional business man and understands the importance of a working computer system when in the business environment. When experiencing problems, Jeffery often recommends his clients visit for the latest in IT and technology support.[/author]

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