Samsung tops 2013 1st quarter sales
License: Wayne Johnson

License: Wayne Johnson

This week, the IDC revealed a report detailing phone sales for this year’s first quarter.

According to the report, the global mobile phone market grew 4 percent from a year earlier in what it called “the seasonally slow first quarter of 2013.” And for the first time smartphones sales beat out sales of so-called feature phones.

Here is a report card of how the top five companies performed.


Samsung shipped 115 million units of mobile phones representing a 27.5 percent market share. Out of all the phones shipped, an estimated 69.4 million were smartphones, representing 56% growth over the year-ago quarter, to take a record 33% of the global smartphone market. The company


Nokia was number two as far as overall mobile vendors were concerned with a 14.8% market share. The company shipped 61.9 million devices during the first quarter, representing a precipitous 25.1% drop in shipments from the year-ago period.


Apple was at number 3 in the overall mobile market, and number two in the smartphone segment with the company shipping 37.4 million smartphones  up from 35.1 million posted same time last year which gave it an overall  market share of 8.9 percent and 17.3% of the smartphone market..  The company’s market share fell to 17.9% in the first quarter from 22.8% in the same quarter last year.


With 10.3 million pieces shipment, representing a110.2% increase in shipment, LG was the biggest mover in the entire smartphone market. The company returned to the smartphone top five after a two-quarter absence, thanks to its L series and the Nexus 4. LTE-enabled devices.  shipped 15.4 million mobile units, which was a 12.4 percent increase in year-over-year change.


ZTE was at number 5 in the overall mobile vendors list, with a strong showing in Asia/Pacific and North America, but a small presence in EMEA and Latin America despite its previous success with low-end feature phones there. ZTE shipped 13.5 million phones in the quarter with 9.1 million constituting of smartphones.

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