Recruitment In 2013 – Tips For Finding Great Talent

Have you ever been in that awkward situation when you have to decide between two talented beings? Well many of us have .It`s not necessarily about finding a person with the correct qualifications but looking at external factors. Factors you have to consider that often recruiters miss.

What? Many may ask. I have checked her CV, she is everything our company needs. Not knowing she just applied for the benefits, not really interested about the company, organisation etc.

New recruits can either improve your company, break you down physically or financially .Due to the lack of skills, being over-employed or other related issues.

According to, writer, Don Portillo and John Schmacker, says “High Skill demand in 2013 are those who expertise in fast growing platforms and environment.”

Every year the competition gets tougher and the job gets more complicated, thanks to the ever changing technological world.

Here are a few tips on finding that hardworking passionate recruit:

·        Don’t be on the lookout for Perfect, meaning the perfect CV etc. Look for character, lookout for people with a passion to learn and wants to get know the company.

·        Always keep an eye out for that one recruit that can teach you a trick or two, not someone that wants to necessarily take over your job.

·        There are always challenges arising, seek that critical thinker, one that can analyse and solve problems.

·        Technology Savvy person is a plus to any company

·        Be open-minded and ask the right questions.

·        Nowadays you don’t even have to leave your office to find recruits, Try these following online tools to help you catch the right candidate.

–   Recmnd Me – This application allows the recruits friends, colleagues, supervisors etc. to rate them.

–   Smartere – This application tests skills by answering multiple questions.

–   Zao-An application that allows recruiters to create job descriptions and based on the recruits, they can determine for themselves whether they want to apply for that job.

Recruiters should remember to look at the needs of the company and know what they are looking for.

Talented recruits will always speak about goals, missions, eagerness to learn, commitment and dedication.

A person that doesn’t ask about money is there for the company and not for the benefits.

After posting a question on Twitter about hiring the perfect recruit, Entrepreneur @ingegeerdens replied “hire the attitude and train the skills.’ The right attitude that goes with your company culture is key.”

Recruits are the base of every business; no way can a company function without workers. We need them as much as they need us.

Extra information on where to look for recruit’s .Then use the tips above to choose the right candidate.

·         Places of Worship

·         Human service agencies

·         Local offices, malls etc.

·         Colleges ,unemployment offices

·         On the internet e.g. Chat rooms ,

·         Look back at old colleagues or old applications

Remember that finding good, trustworthy workers is being a good employer. Improving the salaries, personal assistance etc. often attracts good people.

If you are unable to search for recruits, simply get yourself a trustworthy recruitment agency that will assist you in finding Mrs/Mr Right.

[author ]Lauren Leonard is working for the Cape Town Recruitment company, based in the CBD.[/author]

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