Marketing Materials That Help Promote Your Small Business
Image courtesy of Search Engine People's blog

Image courtesy of Search Engine People’s blog

Small businesses need all the help they can get when it comes to promoting the work that they do and the products and services that they offer. Therefore, you want to create a variety of marketing materials that will engage people and make them interested in your organisation. This will consistently generate a larger, newer customer base that will continue coming back for more, and this will eventually lead to higher profits and a more successful venture.


The first step in creating marketing materials is to have a solid logo in place that you can use wherever necessary. Your logo should be simple yet eye-catching and should convey what your business offers to its customers. It should also be memorable and recognisable so that, whenever someone sees your logo, he or she will know exactly who that logo represents.

Once you have your logo in place, you can then begin drafting and designing marketing materials with the help of your graphic designer so that you can use these promotional items to generate even more buzz about your business.


Fold-over brochures are a quick, easy way to let people know what your business is all about. These are great to include in mailers that you send out to prospective customers, and they are also perfect to have on hand for distribution at trade shows. Develop one or more brochures that target specific markets of customers, and include your logo on all of them so that people will begin to recognise your brand.


If you run a business that offers a service, such as a small restaurant or café, and you have staff members who work directly with the public, purchase some company clothes that they can wear, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. These are the perfect way to differentiate your staff from the public while also displaying your logo and perhaps a fun design or quirky statement that goes along with the theme of your business. Company clothing that is worn in public is another easy way to promote yourself on the street.

Business Cards

No business is complete without a great looking business card that can be handed out to potential customers as well as vendors and fellow business owners with whom you can work. And these days, business cards can be very fun to design. Use as many colours as you wish or even choose a cut-out design that will really make people look at your business card rather than just sticking it in their pocket and forgetting about it. Boring business cards that don’t grab people’s attention won’t help you, so get creative in the design of your business cards and keep plenty on hand at the office and while you are out and about.

Flyers and Miscellaneous Information

Whenever you create flyers and other materials to include in a promotional packet that will encourage vendors and customers to learn more about you, just remember to make all of these materials simplistic in design and easy to read. And never forget to include your logo on all of these materials as well.

[author ]Damian Spate is a professional business man and has helped hundreds of small businesses get started and grow. When advising his newest clients, Damian recommends that they visits to check out the lastest marketing tips.[/author]

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