Why Is Video A Great Sales Tool?

Retailers and salespeople use many methods in order to sell their products or services.  These might include telling you about the features of a product, dressing something up in an attractive piece of packaging, or giving you a presentation about the benefits you will receive related to the product.

While all of these have the power to be effective in their own way, none of them give the real ‘involved’ experience in the same way that a video does. Although physical retailers and people selling services might not use video as a sales tool, there is no question about the potential of video when it comes to e-commerce, or in respect of particular products.

Using the purchase of fireworks as an example, we’re going to look at what makes video so effective in selling.

Some Things You Just Cannot See

Fireworks are the perfect example of something you can’t see before buying. Unless you can remember something you saw at a display and are able to find the exact same effects listed, it is going to be difficult. It isn’t like seeing a t-shirt and trying it on, or seeing a blender in a home store and imagining what it will look like on your kitchen work surface.

The way around this is for fireworks brands and companies that sell other “you want to see it first” products to make a video of their product in action. Can you imagine if every time a person went to a specialist fireworks retailer they were able to ask for a demonstration? These stores would never make any money!

It’s Perfect for Ecommerce

People just love ecommerce. It is convenient, quick, often cheaper, and usually a much nicer experience than having to wander around a shop.

If there is a downside, it is that you miss out on the feel of a product, and can often feel like you’re buying blind. Again, video can take care of most gripes in this area by allowing you to see what a product does. Most online videos will even go so far as to be in the form of a step-by-step tutorial that means you know everything about a product before making the decision whether to buy.

You Get the Other Sales Elements With It

If a business is clever with their use of video, they can also use commentaries over the top of video footage and incorporate all of the presentation elements that we mentioned at the top.

A video doesn’t merely have to be the clip of a product in action; it can be used as a vehicle for connecting with the potential customer and really make them feel like they have had a one-to-one retail experience in a store, but from the comfort of their own sofa!

Does It Work?

There is no question that video works, and that businesses could increase their sales potential through using it more extensively, although it is perhaps best that it is only used for certain products. For example, you don’t need to see a video of someone putting on a jumper to see what it looks like, do you?

[author ]Stuart Green holds regular parties at his home, and relies heavily on video footage so that he can buy fireworks online to host displays at his gatherings. Stuart finds video to be a great way to see exactly what he is getting.[/author]

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