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Location-based tweets could soon be coming to you


According to multiple sources, Twitter is in the process of testing a new feature that lets you discover tweets from people within a certain distance of your location. The idea is to surface relevant activity based on where you are in the world, serving up tweets from others around you — whether you follow them or not.

The feature, came out of the company’s recent hack week at the beginning of this month, where a few engineers worked on projects related to local discovery. A number of employees have been testing the feature in the Twitter app ever since. The feature is said to be within the Twitter app itself and exactly what the tool will look like if and when it’s launched is still unknown.

Exactly how local discovery would be implemented reportedly remains under debate; it could be relegated to the Discover tab, or it could someday appear in the main timeline. In any case Twitter appears to be treading carefully, and for good reason — no small number of users would likely revolt were they to suddenly start seeing tweets about nearby garage sales in their timelines every time they opened the app.

Twitter has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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