Hot Businesses In 2013

There are many businesses that had been in the niche market a few years ago that are now coming into the mainstream because of changing technology and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Among the many businesses that are big this year are 3-D printing and solar project management. As these two concepts became a reality only recently, they went from ideas a select few had to businesses many people are starting and utilizing.

3-D Printers Help Inventors and Collectors

Have you ever thought of an invention, but did not have the means with which to make an effective prototype? The 3-D printer is the answer. Instead of needed contacts, money, and a lot of trust when giving over the design plans for your invesntion to a manufacturer, many people are printing off their own designs as models.

For car collectors, some may recall the character of Tim Taylor, played by Tim Allen, who was the host of a television show and father of three boys. His old hot rod was taking a permanent residence in the garage because he could never find parts for it. Every other episode he would get excited because he had found a side mirror or a hood ornament at a junk yard, but that was about as good as he could do for years. If Tim had had a 3-D printer, all he would need was someone who was good with a computer, which is where his sons would have come in.

Solar Technology is Sweeping the Nation

The truth is that a person who buys solar panels for his home is going to just about break even on the cost compared to the savings, leaving the main benefit to be that of a healthier environment as less coal and other resources are burned to heat and cool our homes.

The real money in solar technology is in selling the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) on the open market, which trades like any other commodity. A home might produce 1 SREC a year, but a grocery store can produce many each month.

For this reason, companies like SunRay Power Management are doing well. They invest money for other people into large solar projects, such as warehouses and farms, and then sell the SRECs in bulk. The companies who are adorned with the panels save on electric while never paying a dime, and the investors get their money back quickly because of how the SREC sales.

2013 is a big year so far. Come 2023, these ideas will be commonplace.

[author ]Eric Blair is a student studying business management in Souther California. His mentor is Steven Kaller, a long time business manager who has a few interesting YouTube videos online.[/author]

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