Boost Your Online Visibility With Optimized Video Content

Recent changes to search engine algorithms and the ways in which consumers use Internet resources have made video content even more important for marketing your company’s products and services. Optimizing videos to ensure fast loading times and smooth rendering requires the use of advanced hardware and software solutions. By making an initial investment in the right equipment and software, your business can achieve impressive results in today’s highly competitive marketing environment.

Scalable video content
It goes without saying that your video productions should be clear and of high quality. One factor that many companies overlook when creating their video content, however, is the scalability of their videos for use on a wide range of platforms. The increasing popularity of mobile devices and cellular phones is likely to continue for many years to come. Creating and deploying scalable video content that is clearly visible on these smaller screens can provide added venues and more views for your corporate marketing efforts. By optimizing content specifically for mobile users and providing scalable videos for a wide array of screen sizes, your company can cash in on this growing marketplace and enjoy increased success in the online world.

Hardware and software solutions
Slow load times can cripple your online video marketing campaigns. Implementing advanced technology can increase the speed of your network and improve the user experience on your corporate website and other online marketing venues. Essential elements of your hardware and software setup include the following:

• Network accelerators to boost the performance of your network and reduce load times for your online customers and guests to your site
• Sufficient bandwidth to manage peak connections to your corporate network or hosting solution
• Advanced media transcoder programs to convert your video content into a wide range of formats for use on multiple platforms
• Solid state drives or networked hard disk drives and servers to store your video content and provide high-speed access for your customers
• Other hardware devices and connections that provide even more speed for your streaming video content creations

These advanced hardware devices and software solutions can provide added processing power for your network, allowing your company to provide the smoothest streaming and fastest load times for your promotional and informational video content. Companies like LSI and Marvell offer cutting-edge hardware that delivers faster performance and an improved customer experience for your videos and other online promotional materials. By combining these devices and connectors with advanced software, you can achieve outstanding marketing results and increase your company’s visibility with consumers.

Video content creations can be a valuable addition to your online marketing strategy. Optimizing all aspects of the consumer’s experience with your video content can help you to boost your profitability in the competitive online marketplace.

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