Innovative Ways To Recruit In 2013

Say Goodbye to designing posters and adverts, to seek recruits and welcome to 2013 the year of technological advances.

Social media has played a huge role in society. This is the way we connect with the rest of the world without needing to put one foot out of the door.

We have taken  the term networking to a whole different level , we now find ourselves tweeting for a living , advertising our business online, starting one or finding the perfect job on one of these  social sites .

With technology playing such a huge role in our life, social networks are said to be the most innovative  way to gather recruits.

Facebook are not just used to find your lost family and friends. You can now post ads there on,informing people about vacancies available etc. It’s far cheaper than traditional ads in the newspaper, magazine and television .It also has the most active users compared to other social networking sites and with that comes an increase of followers on your company’s fan page . Seeing that those people following/like your page finds interest in your business and could become future employers .

Linkedin, similar to Facebook but mostly designed for professional used has hiring tools. It recently launched its first High-powered job specific referral engine.

Number two on the most innovative ways to recruit are through recruiting websites or companies.If you build relationships with these agencies or connect with other companies , you are sure to meet a group of talented people .

Remember they publicize you, so make sure your website is up to date. Showcase the fun and serious side of your company; make it appealing to the eye.

If the online side of life is not for you. Go out there and find the talent. Nothing in life waits for you.

·         Try attending network parties /gatherings .Adverts, Host events etc.

·         Graduation ceremonies are perfect ways on finding that highly intelligent student.

·         Go and speak to colleges.

·         Career centres are great for advertising your business and finding potential recruits.

·         Always follow up with interested candidates or old employers.

–      Supply internships at your company , this way you can offer positions to people that

might be interested .

If you are ready to start spending money on serious advertising, try putting signs on cars .Hand out business cards to people that might have potential etc.

With finding innovative ways to recruit you need to think out of the box. Dream big so that you can achieve big.

Improving your company profile is a must in advertising for recruits; use humour, a joke or two definitely captures the eye and will stick to the mind. Posting ads in strange places, like public bathrooms, public places and transportation centres gives people no choice but to scan through it.

[author ]Lauren Leonard is working for the Pretoria Recruitment division of one of the top HR companies in South Africa.[/author]

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