BlackBerry Z10 accounting for 5.3% of North American BlackBerry traffic
© Blackberry

© Blackberry

With a 5.3$%  BalckBerry traffic market share in North America, BlackBerry Z10 is steadily getting into the hands of users, according to Chikita Insights, an online ad network.

The device was released in January together with the new OS to compete with industry giants such as Google and Apple but it clearly has a long way to go before its at par with its competitors.

Apple’s iPhone 5 accounted for 12.1% of all iPhone traffic in North America during the same time when it was released, but then again the blackberry isn’t as popular as the Apple’s iPhone. As such, while the 5.3% figure may not sound like much, this is a good start for the struggling Canadian company.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if BlackBerry 10 will have long-term success. Maybe the Q10, which is slated for release in the coming months, will help that.

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Written by Regina Timothy

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