5 Tips To Up-Level Your Content Strategy

Content is the lifeline in today’s social eco-system to make sense. It is hard to find much value in content without a strategy behind it. Thus, with no content strategy plan, your targeted audiences are not likely to find your copy or read it.

A content strategy facilitates and positions a brand to tell a reliable and steady story across the media landscape. It helps illustrate parallels between what the brands stands for and what’s significant to customers. Therefore, it allows the marketing teams to develop more appropriate content on what your brand is at ease talking about and what it’s not at ease talking about. Moreover, it allows employees, customer service and partners to contribute and be part of the story too.

Here are 5 tips to consider that will up-level your content strategy:

1. Discover

You should do research on the internet to find out more information on contents:

Research competitors’ content- whether you are launching a website, blog or email campaign, find out what information has been already there and how it is presented. You should also decide on how you will distinguish yourself.

Understand your voice depending on the type of content and audience- if you are providing human interest pieces or quick tips for customers, your content voice should be more conversational. Your voice should reflect what you are offering.

Define your message and goals of your content-by failing to do this; you will have a hard time developing a firm readership. In addition, you risk confusing the readers that you attract.

2. Design

Plan your content ensuring all important contents are dotted and those that are not important are crossed.

Hence, you should:

Determine responsibilities- before setting up a plan for content marketing, ensure you have outlined your responsibilities and who will be the custodian of the content. Content maintenance could require tasking each employee to add one piece of content per month.

Categorize content-your content should be located in a middle place on your site and it should be straightforward to search for a particular topic. This is because, when readers find a hard time navigating throughout your site to find valuable content, they will not stick around for a longer period.

3. Build

After discovering and designing, you will be ready to start working:

Plan a style guide-you should include lots of information as possible considering everything from voice and tone to intended word count. Also provide the best practices for enhancing writing checklists and content.

Build a copy deck- it is a roadmap that is for your content pages, graphics, advertising, texts and links. You can develop it in phases starting with writing a few numbers of paragraphs to describe the content.

4. Deploy

When you have built your content, your marketing strategy is ready for use. Therefore, install, test and implement your content marketing strategy.

Maintain- you should have a plan to continually update content because outdated content will turn readers away.

Monitor- put in place tools to measure what failed and what worked best. Look for models in the most popular types of content. Analyze practically any variable from best possible article length of most popular forms of heading.

5. Adjust

The final tip is to adjust to any change:

Respond- in content marketing, there is no strategy that is perfect. You should continually adjust to changes to maximize results.

[author ]Coleman is CEO & Executive Director of Advice Interactive Group. Highly experienced and considered an industry leader in search engine. Follow him at @ Zinzz.[/author]

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