Google Working on Android Game Center?


It seems that Google is preparing the launch of an Android game center with a variety of features that could potentially revolutionize Android gaming.

The leaked information comes to us courtesy of Android Police that stumbled on the details, while they were snooping around in the apk file for MyGlass. Since Glass is unable to run complex apps, it appears that the Google Glass team mistakenly included the full suite of Google Play Services with the companion app. The teardown of the app revealed a sophisticated gaming service with multiplayer capabilities.

As Android Police reported, the Google Glass team was supposed to remove certain components from its Google Mobile Services folder. This folder contains apps needed for account credentials, purchases, Google + integration and other functions. Usually when Google sends out updates of apps, it removes only the needed portions, but this time shipped everything instead.

The existence of a “Games” folder shows that Google is building a multiplayer gaming service similar to Apple’s Game Center. The backend code includes real-time multiplayer, turn-based multiplayer, in game chat, leaderboards, invitations and lobbies. Games such as racing and fighting would fall under the category of real-time multiplayer games. Board and drawing games are considered turn-based multiplayer games and users receive notifications when it’s their turn to play. Gamers can talk to each other in game chat, invite friends to play games, choose teams and plan strategies in the game lobby and track and compare game scores on the leaderboard.

The inadvertent leak of this gaming information gives a good idea of what users can expect to see in Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Key Lime Pie, the next firmware expected from Google, is expected to be unveiled during Google I/O this spring. It’s possible we’ll learn more about the currently unnamed Android game center in a few weeks time. This approach to gaming could rival Apple’s Game Center, which offers this sort of gaming experience to iPhone and iPad users.

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Written by Regina Timothy

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