Event Signage and Increasing Your Brand Awareness


Special events and tradeshows are always a chance for your brand to stand out among the rest. It is a great opportunity to attract customers as there is such a high concentration of customers in one space, you are guaranteed to have increased exposure. The quality of signage at the event is just as important as your turning up, you want your brand to look good and stand out among your competitors. Customers at trade shows and other events are bombarded by businesses all offering their best deal; spruiking can be a little irritating to the ear and people in giant costumes handing out flyers can sometimes be intimidating to customers who don’t like to be approached. Signage engages your customer without making them feel threatened or frightened by your brand.

Another benefit of event signage is the variety that is offered. Banners, flags, mesh signs, fence wrap and aluminium signage, there will be a wide range of signage available to suit your business budget and design. Apply your logo to large banners or stands, or create cutouts. Strategically positioned, your event signage can help increase awareness of your brand at any event. Eye-catching and informative event signage will attract customers to your business, while using other signage such as those for individual products can inform customers of particular services and products that you wish to promote. Used effectively, event signage can ensure you get the most out of your advertising budget. Footscray SIGN-A-RAMA is one company that offers such services to increase your brand awareness through event signage

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