12 Funniest Domain Name Mistakes


The news of the death of Margaret Thatcher last week sent thousands of people flocking to Facebook and Twitter to share their views on the deceased ex-Prime Minster. However, one particular hashtag trend made the headlines for quite a funny reason: #NowThatcherIsDead caused panic and sadness for fans of a certain celebrity, as they wrongly interpreted it is as #NowThatCherIsDead.

It is not the first time that lack of capital letters has lead to comedy gold on Twitter; when Susan Boyle’s PR team were trying to generate buzz about her new musical release, the hashtag #SusanAlbumParty was promoted. People leapt at the chance to point out that without the capitals, this could quite easily be read as #SusAnalBumParty. Quite a different type of party, and not one we’re sure Ms Boyle would be happy hosting…

The domain name industry has been seeing and laughing at mistakes such as these for years. People who register domain names frequently string words together to describe their business or services, and sometimes they seem to have been so focused on their new website that they haven’t quite thought about how their domain name could be read by others. Here are some of our favourite domain name mistakes:

1. BenDover.com / BendOver.com

Considering this is one of the most well-known name jokes in the history of name jokes, you would think that Mr Ben Dover would have known better than to register this domain name.

2. WhoRepresents.com / WhorePresents.com

Who Represents is a site dedicated to talent agencies. Unfortunately, we think that a lot of their traffic probably comes from people searching for gifts of a somewhat risqué nature. We hope there aren’t too many ladies of ill repute out there who have had to go without Christmas presents because of this domain confusion…

3. ITScrap.com / ItsCrap.com

IT Scrap, you really need to work on improving your self-esteem; don’t be so hard on yourself.

4. MasterbaitOnline.com / (we’re sure you can work this one out)

All of the poor spellers of the internet may experience disappointment if they head over to MasterbaitOnline and find themselves faced with a website all about fishing and fish-based recipes. Maybe this is exactly what some people are looking for (each to their own), but we doubt that the masses of people who fall upon this site have Glazed Yellowfin Tuna as their top priority.

5. HollandsHitFestival / HollandShitFestival

Hey, we all love a Dutch festival that’s promised to be a hit! But wait… can we guarantee it’s going to be a hit? Or will it be the opposite and actually, the organisers are just trying to make sure we don’t let our expectations get too high? We don’t think we’ll risk it; sign us up for Glastonbury instead.

6. Therapist.com / TheRapist.com

Therapist websites are truly the gift that keeps on giving. As well as visiting TheRapist.com, you can also carry out some searches on TheRapistFinder.com or maybe order yourself a flat-pack rapist on TheRapistInABox.com. Hopefully they’re easier to assemble than an Ikea bookcase.

7. DicksonWeb.com / DicksOnWeb.com

Oh Mr Dickson, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? We’re sure Dickson, who specialise in data logging, enjoyed quite a lot of traffic while they were using this domain, but we don’t blame them for eventually deciding to re-direct to DicksonData.com.

8. DollarsExchange.com / DollarSexChange.com

Sometimes, you want to change gender but only have 100 cents. It’s a difficult problem, and unfortunately DollarSexChange.com is not the answer to your dreams. Instead, it is the place to go for foreign exchange services. Time to save a bit more money, then. Darn.

9. PenIsland.com / PenisLand.com

A lovely island —- or everybody’s favourite phallic-centred theme park? The first, unfortunately.

10. AmigoneFuneralHome.com / AmIGoneFuneralHome.com

Amigone have been in business for eighty years, helping the grieving to plan the funerals and memorials of their recently passed loved ones. Unfortunately, it also sounds quite funny when read out loud.

11. Budget.co.ck / Budget.Co.ck

‘.Co.Ck’ is the valid domain extension for those living in the Cook Islands. Luckily it just so happens to look hilarious when placed alongside any domain name which also works as an adjective.

12. OddsExtractor.com / OddSexTractor.com

We have to admit, even using our imagination we’re not quite sure who would be likely to visit this site with anything other than betting odds in mind. But we do know that there are many strange tastes out there which the internet kindly caters for, so it is still quite likely that someone out there might click on this website thinking they have found the farming vehicle of their odd dreams.

[author ]This article was written by Claire Cavanagh on behalf of Siteopia, experts in affordable domain name registration.[/author]

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