We are often given examples of people that are great role models, on whom we can rely to show us the way to live our lives or achieve our dreams.  Although the media don’t often use them, businesses can be role models in much the same way as a footballer or a music star might be.

A business that shows consistent innovation, the ability to deliver regularly impressive results, and offers a great level of customer service would definitely be one that many small businesses could base their own working model on.

The technology industry is just one of many that you could look at and find a great number of business role models. We looked at some of the biggest technology companies on the planet, and examined what you can do in your own business to replicate their working practices and aim for a high level of success.


Today, Apple stand as the example of what every technology company on the planet should look like. Their business model is people driven, and only at the very top do they spend time looking at performance metrics and financials. Everything else is about innovation and the people that deliver it.

Of course, Apple were not always this way, delivering underperforming products one after another throughout the 1980s and 90s, before finally hitting global success with the iPod in 2001, when the technology world as we knew it changed forever. The lesson here? Keep innovating, keep daring to dream, and, even if it takes you 20 years, one day you will hit the jackpot.

Apple’s business model is starting to catch on, and many more businesses are starting to follow the path of ‘great product first, and the money takes care of itself.’ If you can do this in your company, then there is a chance that you too could be destined for greatness.


Google differ from Apple in that they have been market leaders in search pretty much from day dot. Google’s role model credentials are not based around becoming a dominant force early on in your company’s lifespan, however, but rather about continuing to look forward and develop your brand even though you are the clear leader in your field.

Google have dominated search for years, and could have continued making billions of dollars purely from that area. However, they instead decided to move into laptops, tablets, social media, and many other areas, and are now finding that they are successful there, too.

The lesson is to establish yourself in one area first, and then use that reputation to grow your brand across different platforms.

And One to Avoid…..Microsoft

Microsoft are a great company, but they also have a lot of flaws. In direct contrast to Google, once they found success, they in many ways failed to innovate and move forward, which is why they were overtaken by the likes of Apple in recent years.

Avoid complacency and do not get too used to the success you do have, as you could quickly find yourself having to almost reinvent your company, as Microsoft are finding out to their cost right now.

Robert is an online services consultant offering services related to managed VPS hosting, web design, and SEO, while also taking an interest in the wider technology industry in both his professional and personal life.

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