Top 5 Reasons To Get A Smartphone From Sprint
License: Wayne Johnson

License: Wayne Johnson

Chosen by many of the world’s top innovators, Sprint boasts of years of experience and a 4G network. Over the last ten years, the company has grown their technology to develop open architecture and tailored solutions to each person’s needs. Best of all, Sprint offers machine-to-machine options so that users can connect all of their mobile devices. Sprint has developed a reputation over the years for dedicated customer service and a commitment to technology. Their focus on connectivity and usability has made Sprint into one of the world’s leading mobile device companies.


Phone Selections

Sprint offers each user an impressive lineup of smartphones. They come with numerous features like video capability and 3D images. The touchscreen phones boast of Android operating systems, multimedia, excellent cameras and QWERTY keyboards. Once the smartphone is purchased, users can access an immense array of apps for entertainment and to get the most out of their new phone.

Simply Everything Plan

Starting at $109.99 a month, the Simply Everything plan is perfect for users who are always on their phone. They receive unlimited anytime minutes and domestic long distance. Users on this phone package can take advantage of Sprint TC, Blackberry Internet Service, Direct Connect, music and Group Connect.

License: Wayne Johnson

License: Wayne Johnson

The Prices

Overall, Sprint provides users with smartphones at an exceptionally low price and high value. The Everything Data 450 plan is the cheapest of its kind among four different national carriers. On the Everything Data plan, users can access unlimited data, messages and calls from their smartphones to phones on the Sprint Network. They receive 450 or 900 anytime minutes and domestic long distance. Typically, this package starts at $79.99 a month.

The 4G Network

Many of the phone companies boast of the same benefits. With Sprint, users get something different. It lets users have a multi-network approach and utilizes iDen, 3G and CDMA wireless networks. Overall, it is the first national company to give its users 4G access. Due to this, Sprint serves 48.1 million wireless subscribers currently and boasts of users in 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies. The company has twice the coverage of AT&T’s 3G network and also covers more than 1.5 times the cities. Compared to T-Mobile, Sprint offers ten times the coverage on their 3G network according to square miles. Its dedication to customers paid off. Sprint is now ranked number one in customer satisfaction for voice and data services and for data service pricing. The Sprint Network provides users with exceptional 4G speeds. Downloads on the network are up to ten times faster than traditional 3G networks.

The Call and Network Quality

04.17.13_technewsrprt_img_stories_rwayne-johnson_sprint-smartphone_3Coverage does not always mean a good connection and Sprint knows this. With this dilemma in mind, Sprint created partnerships with the globe’s top wireless chip and module manufacturers. The result was better quality devices and a consistent connection from anywhere around the world. The mobile device company has ties to platform aggregators in many locations and national partnerships with implementation service specialists. Their close relationships with professionals in the field mean that Sprint can offer professional services and connections like no other company.

Due to their current data roaming contracts, Sprint lets customers use their data services in more than 150 countries. One of the best regions for Sprint is Europe. They beat AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in providing continuous coverage throughout Europe. The phone company also has higher quality connections on their data network than AT&T or T-Mobile.

Overall, Sprint boasts of M2M solutions, higher connectivity and fast download speeds. The company provides services in more than 150 countries, so business professionals can remain connected while they are on the go. If issues arise, the customer service team is experienced and capable of solving any problem. This company has boasted exceptional profits in the last few years for one reason; they give the client what they need.

[author ]Wayne Johnson is a smartphone enthusiast. He currently owned a number of Android phones in the past and is looking to upgrade to a new cell phone when his contract is up. Click here to find out what Sprint phones are on sale today and help Wayne choose the best offer.[/author]

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