Can A Local Business Reach Page One Of Google?
Image courtesy of Dell

Image courtesy of Dell

For any business that uses their website as a revenue generation tool by selling from it or uses it to drive enquiries either online or over the phone, getting a top tier ranking in the Google search results is something they all aspire to.

However, with so many leading companies being present in almost every industry around the world, it can seem like the first page of Google is something of a closed shop, an exclusive club where, unless you are friends with the big boys, you aren’t allowed in.

However, local businesses should not be disheartened, for they have numerous opportunities to rank highly in Google and yes, even take on the industry leaders by landing themselves on page one.

How is this possible, and what should businesses do to increase their search visibility and potential?

Personal Search

Search results are becoming more personal on a daily basis, based on your search history and even the websites you have visited if you have synchronized with Google Chrome, for example. Another key element of this is that results are becoming more relevant to your location.

Therefore, a business who has implemented local SEO techniques so that consumers in their area have a better chance of finding them is more likely to find success.

What are the local SEO techniques you should use in order to crack the ‘club’ and find yourself on page one?

Business Listings

This one is a no-brainer, but amazingly, many local businesses still fail to follow this simple to action tip.

Find as many business listings as you can, and ensure you feature on them, from the major players such as Google Places and Facebook to local business directories. The trick here is to ensure that your details are listed the same at each directory so you can build up your online reputation.

Your Website

We recommend you put your contact details on every page of your website, so that it is clear to search spiders that it is important information. At the same time, consider using a code such as schema that will bring greater attention to your location and help you to rank higher locally.

Schema has been developed with local SEO firmly in mind, and can help you move towards the top of page one in the search results.

Getting Offline

Finding locally based websites for link building purposes can be difficult, even more so if you’re a web novice. If this describes you, then don’t be disheartened. Instead, focus on boosting your offline activities so that people talk about your site on social media or it is reported in the local newspaper.

You could hold a charity event, start a work placement program, or donate something to the local school or nursing home, any excuse to get people talking about you and featuring your brand on their website will be a winner!

Make the most of the opportunities afforded by local SEO and you could soon see yourself taking on some world-leading companies in your local area; you’d be mad to miss out!

[author ] Robert is an online content writer passionate about search, regularly blogging about local SEO tips for small businesses who are looking to take on established competitors in their local area.[/author]

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