Using Video To Send Your Search Rank Soaring

Marketers agree that online marketing is a must for seizing the enormous opportunity available via the Internet. The goal for all marketing professionals is to get onto the first page of Google for searches using related keywords. Scoring a first page position is critical to tap into search traffic, since people rarely scroll past the first page of search results. Video is one proven way to “up the odds” of achieving a first page ranking.

Using video provides a shortcut to good rankings that would be otherwise unavailable to a new website or blog. In most cases, Google and other search engines have established guidelines that force websites to prove their value over time before being ranked favorably. Fortunately, a good video can bypass this requirement as an exception to the time prerequisite qualifier.

Leverage the Video Description

While preparing a first-rate video is the initial step necessary to improve Google page rankings, it is important to understand certain facts about online videos and search strategies to achieve the best results. It is highly recommended that keywords be included in the description, along with links for easy retrieval. This ensures that more traffic lands on your website. A good description is key for search engine spiders to find the content. Being found is critical.

Keyword Consistency Counts

A basic rule to follow when naming a video and selecting keywords is to be consistent. The video title must have the keywords included. The file name, title and keywords should be consistent in order to get the best search results, since Google is designed to reward consistency. Stacking the deck in favor of success is how marketers beat out the competition.

Home Page Homerun

By placing a video on the home page it is more likely that it will be viewed. The more views, the better. Some lucky and savvy marketers watch company videos go viral by positioning a video for success. Even if the video is more related to a different page, be sure to place it on the home page since that will get more views.

YouTube as Friend or Foe

The obvious benefit associated with posting a video on YouTube is that Google will definitely spot it on the search radar. The added viewers sure to see the ad on YouTube makes it an attractive partnership as long as marketers make an extra effort to direct that traffic to the corporate website. When writing the video description, there needs to be a strategy to get that YouTube audience to continue clicking so they can eventually get to the intended destination, the corporate website.


Research conducted by a 2009 Forrester study reported that a web page with a video is much more likely to land on the first page of Google. In fact, a video page has a probability that is 53 times higher of getting onto to the coveted first page. For companies seeking a competitive edge in online marketing, using video is just the tool to consider.

[author ]Louie is a writer and a video marketer for a morris county video marketing. When he is not blogging and recording videos for small business, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching the best show on television, Game of Thrones.[/author]

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