Fujitsu’s Newest Technology Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen


Fujitsu, a Japanese company has developed a technology that detects objects your finger is touching in the real world turning any surface — e.g. a piece of paper, or a 3D object— into a touchscreen, DigInfo reports.

Dubbed ‘touchscreen interface’, this touchscreen interface from Fujitsu lets you do things like spin and flip a 3D CAD drawing with your hands rather than with  your mouse.

Using a low-resolution webcam (just 320 x 180 pixel resolution) and a commercial projector, the Japanese company is able to project an interface onto a surface, and then use the camera to track both the shape of the item as well as your fingers to determine what to do.

Besides flat surfaces, the technology also works on curved or uneven ones, so one can easily manipulate data from a book.

Though the technology is still at the “demonstration level,” researchers at Fujitsu plan to develop a commercial version of the system by fiscal 2014.

Here is a brief demonstration.

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Written by Regina Timothy

Editor of TechNews Report. Loves all things technology

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