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How a Cloud Phone System Can Benefit Your Small Business


Image courtesy of  Istock

Image courtesy of Istock

The days of being chained to a desk or office while waiting for an important call are virtually over. Also in the past are those times when pushing the wrong button could result in disaster after an important message was erased, never to be found again. Since the cloud was introduced in the communications industry, the office phone system has come a long way.

A virtual small business phone system can store valuable phone information digitally. They use secure servers to save files that may be accessed through the Internet, which is preferable to the answering machine systems of the Stone Age. Because this system turns calls and messages into files that may be stored, it can be monitored and accessed in ways never before possible. Cloud communications companies like Broadview Networks offer phone systems that include everything that a small business needs for the most effortless and cost effective communications solution possible.

For any business, a cloud communications system would be an improvement over a landline system. It allows for virtually pain free communications management, higher customer service levels and therefore, much greater business growth than ever before. When firms can monitor their communications properly, they are able to improve the way that the business operates on every level.

With virtual phone systems, businesses are able to have all of the advanced features of high tech and maintenance phone systems, but without the labor costs associated with them, such as:

– User-friendly administration
– Central, web-based management portals
– Self-managed IT support
– Duality with mobile devices
– Infinite voicemail delivery
– Unlimited auto attendant
– Microsoft Outlook integration

The freedom that employees are able to have with a virtual phone system means higher productivity for your business! Because staff is available anywhere and at any time, efficiency improves. This makes it possible for professionals to take critical meetings from outside of the office, and forward calls and voicemails through user friendly web based dashboards. More organized communications makes message management easier because staff can have messages forwarded to computers, cell phones and land lines to address at a later time. All of this is possible for a mere fraction of what companies typically had to pay in the past, and translates into a greater bottom line for your business.

The virtual office phone system is also under continual development; since access to updated technology is available, it is even more appealing for businesses. Check out these features that have recently been introduced as cloud communication capabilities:

1. Online desktop dashboards for mobile phones make data management a breeze. This feature helps professionals collect and monitor data from each phone call and sort it on their computers. The benefit is being able to track the data which shows who called, for how long and other essential data that was previously unavailable.

2. Measuring call data also allows for users to analyze how time is spent. This is good for time management, but also for billing purposes and to determine which projects and customers to pursue.

3. Call announcement features allow users to decide whether to take calls or have them sent to voicemail. For small businesses that receive many calls, this allows staff to prioritize between what is most important and what can wait.

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