Apple, Yahoo working towards extended iPhone partnership

Recent report by the WSJ, suggest that Apple and Yahoo are discussing how to bring deeper integration of Yahoo’s services to the iPhone and other iOS devices, and expand on the Yahoo services that are already available on iOS.

No details as yet have emerged on exactly what the two companies are planning, although Apple have been trying to remove as much Google integration from iOS as they can. The most recent example of this was the replacement of Google Maps on the iPhone and iPad with Apple Maps.

Yahoo already provides stock and weather data to Apple and the gadget firm’s Siri voice-activated system also taps Yahoo for sports stats and other data.

Deals may be reached which include an expanded Siri partnership or the possibility of using data from other Yahoo properties, including Yahoo News. However, no agreements are expected within the near future.

In 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo signed a ten-year agreement in which Yahoo’s search results are provided by Microsoft’s Bing. According to the agreement, Yahoo controls the look of its own search site and Microsoft’s Bing search engine provides search results.

The above agreement could pose a headache for Yahoo’s new plans with Apple. Since Apple and Microsoft are competing in the mobile market, Apple may be reluctant to help increase Microsoft’s revenue from mobile services.

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Written by Regina Timothy

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