BlackBerry Z10
© Blackberry

© Blackberry

The new BlackBerry Z10 that caters to the high end users has been in the market for slightly over three months now and has been well received.

The all-touch BlackBerry Z10 operating on the BB10 system that enables users to toggle between apps in a zip is seen as critical to BlackBerry’s future.

The 4.2-inch screen produces crisp, rich resolution of 356 pixels per inch. It’s also packed with an 8-megapixel camera (back) and 2-megapizel (front), LTE 4G wireless broadband, a dual-core processor, a new BlackBerry 10 browser and a16G storage expandable up to 64G.

Its messaging system, unparalleled to this day, is, without a doubt, BlackBerry’s strongest edge over its competition. And that’s exactly why the Canadian company BlackBerry, despite lackluster reviews and sinking shares not too long ago, remains a favorite among business customers.

Known as the BlackBerry Hub, the well-designed interface displays all your conversations—work and personal—including text messages, e-mail, voicemail, BBM, social-media updates and notifications. Accounts are displayed on a list, but each message is represented with their icons if you open the main inbox.

It also lists the number of unread messages, and an asterisk for new messages. So if you have chosen to ignore numerous messages for weeks, you’d still know you have a new message from that list via the asterisk.

The eight-megapixel camera features an impressive, nifty tool called Time Shift. Snap a group shot, for instance, that would have been perfect if not for that one friend who blinked just when you click the shutter. With Time Shift, you can select your friend’s face, swipe backward and forward through two seconds’ worth of time, and choose a frame where the eyes are open. Voila, the perfect picture.

To stay in the fiercely competitive smartphone game, the Z10 also offers over 70,000 apps at launch. Preinstalled are expected apps like Facebook and Twitter, and LinkedIn and Foursquare. Users will also have access to leading app providers such as Rovio, Disney, Skype, Cisco, SAP and Box.

The Z10 also features BlackBerry Balance that separates and secures work apps and data from personal content; BlackBerry Remember that combines memos and tasks, organizing and collecting information that also allows you to wirelessly sync your Microsoft Outlook and Evernote with your phone.

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Written by Regina Timothy

Editor of TechNews Report. Loves all things technology

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