Are You Helping Or Hindering Your Business: Common Mistakes New Webmasters Make

Owning a website isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There are ups and there are downs. Sometimes, there may be situations in which you feel you’ve planned everything perfectly and nothing seems to work quite as you’d expected. Instead of becoming discouraged, take a moment to consider what may be missing. What works for others may not necessarily be a proper fit for your website, and today we will discuss a few ways you may actually be hindering your business’ growth without even realizing it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and there is a way out!

What Your Name Says: Are You Scaring Customers Away?

Have you ever looked at the name of a local coffee shop and wondered how they possibly are able to promote such a unique title? A business name should represent your company as a whole. Having a name that is overly complicated, while thoughtful may be interesting but is it really going to help bring customers to you? Consider this: not only do you need a great in-person name that is eye-catching, but you need something searchable on the web, as well.

Not many people we know would want to type in a bunch of dashes, numbers or codes because let’s face it – most people (including us) have gotten into the habit of being a bit lazy on the World Wide Web. If you can’t locate something or figure something out within a few short moments, it’s extremely easy to get distracted or give up out of frustration because there is such a large amount of data on the internet. What one site cannot provide in the first few seconds or minutes of your arrival, another can offer instantly. So, while we aren’t saying you should lose every ounce of creativity in your body to capture more attention, we do think finding that balance between creativity and simplicity is very important.

Offering a Large Amount of Information: Do You Provide Too Much?

Just like customers aren’t generally intrigued by a lengthy business name that they can barely pronounce, let alone remember – they don’t generally appreciate an over-stimulating page, either. While photos, videos and a few colors here and there are great for a visually appealing site, it’s very easy for newcomers to the web design world to over-do it. A general rule of thumb is to choose between two to four colors and use them sparingly. Take Google Search for example. The page is easy to read, organized into titles and has a variety of colors to help better serve customers and create distinction between different pieces of information. If you were to add a hot pink background and multicolored links, with pictures galore, wouldn’t this take away from the purpose of the page? Your eyes wouldn’t know what to view first.

Watch What You Do Closely

Whenever building a new page or piece of material for your website, take note of your placement choices. Where are your eyes drawn? What is the purpose of this specific area of your site? Is it easy to navigate? Many of us multitask daily, but no one wants to have to sort through what will feel like a million different pieces of information in order to locate what they came for.

Always create titles that directly relate to your content. Always add tags (it only takes a few moments) with phrases and keywords that will help your readers find the right pieces, and only write lengthy texts if you feel it’s necessary. Break up your work into smaller paragraphs, versus one long page of text. Before going live, ask advice of at least one or two people you trust. It will be much easier for them to see your work from a third person point of view.

Know Your Audience: Are Your Ears Open?

Having a contact page and about page is a great way to help customers get to know you and contact you if they have any questions or concerns. Sadly, many website owners are not as available as they should be. While it’s impossible to respond to every single customer the very moment they send a message, the quicker and more consistent you are, the better. If someone has a problem, do your best to fix it quickly and professionally.

People love honesty. Not quite sure how to get the job done at this time? Let them know. You’ll gain respect if you face customers head on, versus hiding behind your website and not responding accordingly. People like to know they matter and many site owners are so busy trying to pump out new content and services that they forget the most important people are the viewers because they are what causes a site to either sink or float – we prefer the latter.

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