Quick Guidelines For Your Free WordPress Hosting

WordPress site hosting is generally considered to be very cheap, especially if you don’t have that many requirements for your site, it would suit you perfectly. By paying very little, you could get shared hosting with a provider and that would suit you just fine, in the beginning at least.

But even then, many people aim to get free hosting, as cheap isn’t good enough when you have the chance of getting something for free, they would rather use the WordPress software for free.

And so there exist, many providers who will host your WordPress site for free if you are determined to get your own WordPress website without spending any money.

Do You Need It?

The most important thing to remember is, if you’re just looking for a basic WordPress blog, and you are not interested in modifying it, or developing it further, then you may as well just go with the hosted WordPress.com service, which is completely reliable and free for its users. But WordPress is somewhat restrictive of the control it gives to the users, for an example, you may feel the need to “upgrade” more often than not, and the upgrades can cost sometimes.

Keeping this in mind, if you still want to experience WordPress properly, in all its glory, and don’t want to spend a dime of your own money, it would be advisable for you to get free hosting.

So here are some guidelines for that:


Almost all free hosting providers, will include advertising in their services some way, as they may have no other interest in your site, if not to get themselves marketed along. You may be asked to leave an attribution link at the bottom of your site, or even exhibit a banner of the advertisement of the hosting company on your site.

Forceful Sales Tactics

Most companies offering free WordPress hosting may be providing you with a free service, but may badger you to get paid hosting from them, or may try to sell their products or services to you directly, so be fully prepared for your host to be sending you many emails.

Limited Storage Space And Bandwidth

This may vary from host to host, but in all generality, free hosting can only get you so far. If you’re a blogger and space and bandwidth isn’t that much of a headache, then it won’t bother you, but if you’re running a high tech WordPress site, then this may be a problem.

Limited Support

With free WordPress hosting, this is one of the biggest problems, any respectable commercial site hosting provider would have a proper customer support system in place, where you could call anytime if things got problematic. But with free WordPress hosting, there are no guarantees. So if your site gets hacked, or is suddenly removed from the internet, then there is a high probability that your host isn’t too concerned about it, as with free hosting, support is not a given, it’s just a plus if you’ve got it.

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