This wallet case should be your best friend


I just went through winter without functioning pockets in my coat. This was beyond frustrating considering how cold it gets where I live. And on top of that, being forced to keep debit cards and money just out of reach in a purse. got old real quick. So, in order to keep all of my cards and change together, I bought a wallet case for my iPhone. I think the wallet case is one of the best trends in phone cases because it combines form and function. It might sound a bit cliché, but they’re good investments any time of the year.

The wallet case should be compact and your phone should feel snug. You don’t want something bulky. One of my favorite iPhone cases as of late is Incipio’s Stashback for the iPhone 5. The outer compartment functions as a wallet, but the excess bulk you might get with some wallet cases isn’t there.

The polycarbonate shell and silicone core make this thing super durable. I drop my devices a lot so I need the extra cushion here. It’s impact resistant and absorbs shock for those times when you’re being a bit clumsy. And you can still easily access your cards and money with no trouble. The flip open design on the top of the case is a great feature and can hold up to 3 credit cards or ID’s (plus your phone).

I’m a sucker for variety and I like when I can choose colors. I am partial to the pink and gray, but Incipio also has a classy white and turquoise, black and blue, gray, and black.

It might not have the bells and whistles of other phone cases, but it’s well made and compact. It won’t take up space in your purse or pocket and you can be sure that you’ll always have your credit cards and money within reach. Simple and practical, just the way we like it!

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