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Having a great website or blog is one thing, but if you haven’t secured a good place in the search engine listings, then who is going to find you? As a result, a whole industry has developed to optimise your place on the web. Although most commonly thought of as a dark and mysterious art carried out in secret beneath a full moon, Search Engine Optimisation done properly, will enhance your position and help potential customers find you. If you have the budget then calling on the services of a digital marketing agency is best. If you don’t, however, then read on to find out how to use three important SEO techniques to best harness the power of the internet.

Create Great Content

This has been said many times – but still businesses ignore the need for great content. Whether it’s on your blog or website, fresh well written content is what the major search engines give priority to. So quality content optimised with keywords is the major part of an SEO marketing strategy. In other words, anything you write has to be something that people want to read. By creating unique and good quality content your site is considered authoritative by both search engines and people, helping towards gaining you a greater position. It is no good writing nonsensical rubbish bulging with keywords that’s of no value to anyone – this will have the opposite effect and be penalised.

Using Google Plus for SEO

Google plus has good advantages in terms of SEO, and setting up a Google Plus Page can help with a SEO strategy. The interactive nature of the Google Plus sharing function can help increase your place in the rankings and create more click-throughs.  The Google Plus Local Page, which has replaced Google Places is also a useful tool. Users can leave reviews, which if positive, will push your ranking up, as well as helping you attract local business.  Be aware however, that you will still need to be using the right keywords in your title tags and copy to optimise your position, and that Google Plus Local is generally most useful if you rely on a local customer base. For example, a digital agency in Hampshire is unlikely to need to target clients only from Hampshire, whereas a restaurant or a plumber will.

Using Keywords for SEO

The effective use of keywords is vital, and so it’s important to identify which to use and to use them correctly in any content.

Follow these keyword rules to help optimise your position:

  • Identify your keywords using a keyword tool
  • Position them in the right places. For example, you should have a main keyword in the title of your page or post.
  • Don’t overuse the keywords – they should constitute no more than 2% of your content in a 500 word piece.
  • Make sure your keywords fit naturally into the content
  • Stay on topic – search engines need to work out what your site is about, so make sure your keywords don’t confuse.

[author ]Rob Rudd is a enthusiastic blogger and has been working in the digital marketing industry since 2007 [/author]

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