3 Ways You Can Boost Productivity in Your Tech Business
Image courtesy of Dell

Image courtesy of Dell

Sometimes, the three o’clock slump hits and suddenly all those projects on your to do list come to a screeching halt. Working when you are tired, sore, achy or just plain out of it can be close to impossible. Even with a lengthy list of items you planned to check off of that to do list, your afternoon can quickly take a turn and leave you unable to get done what you know needs to be finished.

Productivity is something that many people in the tech industry struggle with from time to time. Although you may be very productive at one point in your day, other times getting your work finished seems like a chore. To help, here are three ways you can give your productivity a boost and avoid that afternoon slump.

  1. Avoid eye strain – People who work in the tech industry stare at screens throughout the day. Whether you work on a laptop, at your desk with multiple monitors or on a tablet, screens can put a strain on your eyes without you realizing it. When your eyes strain to see the screen in front of you for an extended period of time, you risk becoming fatigued, or worse, getting a migraine that can put you out of commission for the rest of the day. To avoid this, it is important to have the proper lighting at your desk and to place your monitors directly in front of you. Adding a task light to your desk and monitor arm to hold your screen at the right height and angle will help take the strain off your eyes, and will clear up some space on your desk. With these tools, you are able to stop straining to see what you are working on so you can get back to focusing on the task at hand.
  2. Try standing – Numerous studies continue to be released that show the detriment sitting for long periods of time can have on your body. In the short term, you may lose the good posture you need to sit in in order to stay alert and find yourself slumping over to see the computer as the day goes on. Long term, sitting for hours on end has been shown to shave time off your life. Standing desks were created to combat these health risks and give people who work behind a desk all day the opportunity to change postures and keep their body healthier at work. Using a stand up desk can give you more energy to focus and improve your productivity throughout the day.
  3. Take frequent breaks – Yes, you have a lot on your plate, but taking breaks throughout your day can actually help you knock more items off your to do list than if you were to try to power through in one shot. When you take a break, you give your mind and body a rest which can allow you to come back to a project with a renewed focus. If you are like many who tend to forget to take breaks, try setting a timer to remind yourself to stand  up, stretch and head outside from some sun and fresh air at least once an hour. This will keep you feeling focused throughout the day so you can be more productive in your time at work.

Productivity is something many people struggle with. If you have ever felt the afternoon slump, try using these tips to break away from fatigue and feel more energized at work.

[author ]Kimberly Crossland is an online marketer who works behind a computer most days. She loves to share her tips for staying healthy at work, such as using a standing desk and desk treadmill. For more information on healthier equipment for your office, visit www.thehumansolution.com[/author]

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