How to Use Bitcoin as a Small Business Marketing Tool

In today’s fast paced market it’s alway good to learn new ways to market your small business.  Accepting Bitcoin at your business can be a great way to market and gain exposure for your business

So first, what is Bitcoin?  Bitcoin is a new virtual currency that has real value.  Bitcoins, like any other currency, can be exchanged for the currency of your choice.  The market rate of a Bitcoin fluctuates from day to day like other currencies.  Bitcoins can be digitally sent and received with extremely low fees.  Bitcoin is easy to setup and use.  It is also easy to convert between Bitcoin and your currency of choice, such as dollars.

Accepting Bitcoin at your business is simple.  If you have an actual storefront you can create a QR code that people can scan with their mobile devices to pay you in Bitcoin.  If your job requires you to move around you can take a mobile device like your phoen with you and accept payments using your mobile device.  Free Bitcoin apps allow you to easily accept payments on your phone.  If you are running an ecommerce store, Bitcoin payment modules can be easily installed for your ecommerce software.  These payment modules will allow your customers to choose Bitcoin as a payment and automatically convert the amount into bitcoin so they can send you bitcoins and checkout.

Image courtesy of  casascius

Image courtesy of casascius

There are many ways to market your business after beginning to accept Bitcoin.  First, let people know you accept Bitcoin, by adding your small business to the online directories that list business accepting Bitcoin. Many people who want to do business in Bitcoin seek out companies that accept it.  You will also get a link back to your website from these directories which will help you appear higher in google searches. Accepting Bitcoin at your business can also generate news stories and buzz about your business.  Some businesses have been written about in national news because they are early adopters of the Bitcoin system.  Accepting Bitcoin also opens up the door to many other marketing possibilities, like a site which runs once a year promotions for companies accepting Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can open up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for your small business.  If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin visit or download the program at

[author ]Josiah Garber is an internet marketer for 2 Ecommerce Websites Keystone Pet Place & Medical Support Products Josiah enjoys learning about technology like Bitcoin and using it for marketing purposes at Keystone Pet Place.[/author]

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