In the competitive world of internet marketing, it is worth to try all the different types of strategies for your online business. One such strategy is infographics. The infographics that are nice can help you spread the word about your business. They are the best if you want your audience to repost your material on their own sites and blogs, which basically means that they are spreading the word for you.

What is infographics?

Now I very well know your next question, what is infographics? Well, it is exactly the way it sounds. Information that is graphically expresses, this includes drawings, sketches, pie charts, diagrams, maps and some more similar elements. With the help of all or some of these elements one can prepare an infographic that is based on a business related theme. It is usually published in an image format, but these days they have taken a leap forward and started creating some video animation format.

How to create an infographic?

There are a few steps one can take to develop a few decent infographics. The first is to identify the message you are trying to put across through this infographic. What do you want to leave your audience with? May it’s a way you want them to feel or maybe it is an action that you want to encourage them to take. Sit with the creative ones and go through your options. A little brainstorming can surely help. Better not to get attached with one approach, let the ideas flow. After you note them down, decide which one to work upon. Also discuss about the type of data that is available such as charts, maps, etc.

Test your infographics

Internet is a great source to find inspiration and ideas. There are thousands if not hundreds of websites on the internet that you can visit in this regards. Give your infographics a test ride. Show it to others and see if they find anything confusing or out of the subject. Create the graphics, it is possible to get help from someone professional but you can also do it online. There are many websites which offer such tool that help in creation of infographics. Once it is created, just go ahead and promote it online to grab more and more attention.

Research your data

It is important that your infographics are based on facts and realities rather than your own opinion. Using credible data is a great option, since the ideas that emerge through the story might be yours but good infographics come from the reality. If you are trying to tell your audience about what you think it is better to give them some solid grounds for reasoning out. It should come form a source that is credible. A report that a good analyst has given out is an example of a good source. At the same time a blog post may not be so much of a good source.

The best infographics that I have seen so far express data objective and rich. They do it in an engaging way that is grasped more easily by the audience. It should be precise to the point, educational, creative and packed with data that is interesting and eye catchy. There are many websites which offer infographics. Below I have listed a few best ones. is a site that offers a free tool which can help you to create some infographics that are theme based. The drag and drop feature makes it a really nice and comfortable tool to work with. is another tool that offers the same drag and drop feature along with some pre-designed templates which add fun to work.

Venngage is a tool that is enterprise level. It is for the people who want faster insights. They want to be able to communicate data in a better manner. It allows sharing of the infographics, upload data and select a template.

InFoto free is a mobile app that helps a photographer to create a infographics which are based upon the mobile phone photography habits. It is usually android based app.

Photo stats again is the same kind of app, the only difference is that it is specially designed for apple products.

A Picture of my digital life is a free tool offered by Intel. Based on ones social media profile information, it allows infographics to be made. The best part is that it can be downloaded in a JPG format once it is done. is coming up with an option to export infographics in PDF format. Based on ones LinkedIn profile, it allows to create a visual resume.

This article is contributed by Priya N from Mumbai. She writes about govt jobs, sarkari naukri etc.

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