Customer Service Blunders: Where Businesses Go Wrong

If just the mere thought of having to phone into a call center for help strikes dread in your heart, then you should know you’re far from alone. Call center services are notorious for offering people terrible customer service. If they’re not left on hold for hours at a time, then they’re transferred around to different people, each of which is unable (or unwilling) to answer questions. That said, experts definitely believe that the business that makes the commitment to improve their call center service will increase their bottom line by leaps and bounds.

Take a look at the following infographic for tons of useful information in regards to the importance of call center customer service today. Learn just what percentage of customers will take their business elsewhere as a result of a bad customer service experience. Find out what you can work on to make your clientele’s calls more pleasant, and how premium call center outsourcing can make a huge difference for you!


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