Ergonomics: What Are Its Benefits In The Workplace?

Ergonomics pertains to the science of work. A person that specializes in ergonomics is called an ergonomist. The primary principle of ergonomics is to fit the job to the worker instead of the worker fitting in to the job. It is actually a great advantage because it is designed to make the work even better and productive. Basically, ergonomics is linked to products but it as well pertains to processes and other services. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of employing the science of ergonomics in the workplace.

Through ergonomics work-related injuries/health issues will be prevented

There are a lot of work-related injuries, especially musculoskeletal related disorders. Most of these injuries concern the back, nape, and arms. A worker will notice symptoms of back pain, painful nape, pain in the shoulders that radiate towards the arms. Through the science of ergonomics, muscle strains will be reduced thereby reducing the injury. Examples of work the leads to work-related injury are:

  • Typing on a keyboard for longer period of time
  • Sitting at a desk for longer hours without appropriate back support
  • Sitting or standing for longer hours that could result to static loading
  • Overreaching

Through ergonomics, these problems will be eliminated. You can use ergonomics chair and other office equipment. You can also organize the workstation to make it even more conducive for the worker. If the workplace is ergonomically organized, awkward postures that lead to muscle strain will be eliminated. A two to three minutes regular stretching can also reduce muscle strains.

Ergonomics increases work productivity

If the workers are not dealing with any physical disabilities such as muscle strains and sprains, then you can expect that work productivity will increase. The workers can spend more time doing what they are supposed to do before getting tired. In every business, productivity is needed as it means better business profit.

Ergonomics can actually reduce if not totally eliminate absenteeism

If the workers suffer a lot from muscle strain and other types of work related injuries, then chances are the workers will be absent from work. If a lot of employees will be absent from work, and then the overall productivity of the business will be affected. Through the use of ergonomics, the occurrence of musculoskeletal injuries will be reduced if not totally eliminated. This can actually result to reduce absenteeism.

Improves the morale of the workforce

If you are going to employ ergonomics, you will be able to improve the morale of the workplace. As a result, the work productivity will be improved. The employees will be able to work comfortably with less fatigue and less muscle strains and injuries. This is actually a significant improvement on the workplace that can boost the morale as well as the positive attitude of the worker.


There are a lot of benefits associated with the use of ergonomics and a lot of businesses can attest to it. This is the primary reason why most businesses nowadays associate the concept of ergonomics in their workplace. With the use of ergonomics, the workers will be able to perform their day-to-day work without undergoing too much strain, pressure, or injury. Improved productivity, comfort, and convenience are just some of the advantages offered by ergonomics. You can employ ergonomics in your workplace by purchasing ergonomics furniture, arranging the workplace keeping the science of ergonomics in mind, and the like.

[author ]Allona Jean is an ergonomist. She helps company arrange their workplace according to the science of ergonomics. She helps other people understand the true ergonomics definition and how it can significantly improve one’s career, personal, and social life.[/author]

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