Describe Your Business In 2 Minutes With Explainer Videos

In today’s fast paced world, customers want information delivered to them, and they want it right now. By making use of explainer videos, you can give this to them, in a short, easy to follow, creative manner, and you can keep their attention for long enough to find out what your company is about.

These videos are basically short blurbs that describe your company, in a couple of minutes. You can post them on your main homepage; you can post them on video posting sites, such as YouTube, on social marketing sites, or possibly get them back linked by other online sites, to really give customers an understanding of your site, what you do, and why they should choose you, over competitors.

Image courtesy of Scott Kinmartin

Image courtesy of Scott Kinmartin

Short and to the Point

With the explainer videos, you will hold the viewer’s attention. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all these short, quick, funny ways to get information out there, today’s customer is not willing to sit down and read a 20 page report on your company; the use of video, in a short, fun format, will grab and hold their attention. Not only that, but the business owner has this short period of time to make their company likable, and to appeal to the masses, if several viewers do watch the video.

Increased Engagement

Video watching, laughter, and fun posts tend to go viral in a matter of days, sometimes hours, if the customer thinks enough of the video to talk about it. For this reason, when creating the explainer videos, you want to make them fun, engage your viewer, give them something to talk about, and give them a reason to like your company, and possibly share it with a friend or family member. You can increase engagement, without ever having to speak to your customer, if the video is creative enough, and appeals to the masses.

Increase Search Visibility

Not only are explainer videos and other videos going to increase SEO ranks, they are also going to be indexed by more search engines, such as Google. This in turn allows your business to stand out, and when customers find the site ranked higher than others, they are going to visit.

Professional Quality

When creating the explainer videos, you have to make sure you hire a well-known, highly regarded company to create them for you. Although you can make something on your own, if you hire a professional, it is going to show. Not only are they cheaper than other marketing tactics you can use, they are also far more effective, and in the long run, will bring you far more returns on the investment made, than other forms of marketing out there.

Regardless of which industry you are in, with the short attention spans today, as a business owner you only have a few minutes to grab the attention of a majority of your potential customers. For this reason, you have to engage them, make the most out of those two minutes, and should consider the use of explainer videos, to really draw them in, and keep them interested.

[author image=”×150.jpg” ]Johan Hedin is the Managing Director of Marketing Ignite[/author]

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