How To Make A Good TV Advert
Image courtwsy of  nicholasnova

Image courtwsy of nicholasnova

A good TV advert is an essential element when trying to sell a product; take a look at these tips on how to make a great TV advert.

Adverts sell products which ultimately makes businesses successful. However, disastrous adverts make people switch off and they will not buy your products. Some adverts can cost hundreds to make and thousands to play on screen in the breaks of prime time shows and this would be wasted if your advert isn’t a good one. Here are a few tips on how to make an advert to entice viewers rather than make them switch channel.

It’s important to know the audience that you’re targeting your advert at and make sure that the final product is appropriate for this audience. It’s important that the advert appeals to the right age group and gender of the product; for example there’s no point showing half naked men on an advert that’s intended to sell a product to men as the men will switch off straight away – this is of course you aim to make the men sat at home think that they’ll look like he buff men in the advert with your product.

People don’t like adverts, so don’t make an advert, tell a story. Make your audience want to watch your advert and make them want to follow it through until the end. The best way to do this is by creating a character that will make people interested. Remember that if your advert revolves around your product people are less likely to watch it, if it is a character that ‘happens’ to come across your product then people will be engaged and watch it to the end. This way people will remember your character and associate them with your product; you are selling but you’re selling discreetly rather than going for the hard sell approach.

In order to attract people your advert has to appeal to people visually; you should have top quality sounds that make the audience ‘feel’ the product, for example, if you’re advertising a new restaurant kitchen sounds such as sizzling and the sound of pouring a drink is sure to get people’s mouths to water.

If you’re not sure where to start when filming your commercial video, there are many professional companies out there who would be happy to help you along. have worked with clients including The National Trust and Brita Water Filters who would recommend them for their great work.

Mystery is essential in any TV advertisement; any hard selling TV advert is going to turn your audience off straight away so you should sustain their interest by not mentioning the product until the very end of the advert. If a TV advert is not really about the product you’re trying to sell – e.g. the Cadbury advert with the Gorilla – then it will stay in the audience’s minds for longer as they try and work out how the advert relates to the product.

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