How Can You Improve Your Security On Facebook?


Social media in a wider sense has helped to bring many parts of the world and specific people and groups closer together. It has a lot of good points but undoubtedly some risks and perils that you should do your utmost to avoid too. Among the negative aspects of Facebook for example is the way that you can allow your personal information to fall into the wrong hands. This kind of scenario is generally easy to avoid if you take notice of the essential security measures. It is up to you how much of your life you share on Facebook and who you allow to view it but here are some of the methods for tightening up your security on there while still enjoying the social side of the experience.

Watch out for suspicious links

As the last few years have gone by on Facebook things have altered somewhat and it now seems that you cannot log in to your profile without seeing some bizarre links in your news feed. These links will usually have a particularly strange title and it will claim that one of your friends liked or shared it for example. There are of course some occasions when one of your Facebook friends may well have shared a weird video link but it is also possible that these links may have come from elsewhere and pose a risk to your security if you try to access them.

Be selective with your friend list

Facebook generally has a more private and controlled feel to it than Twitter for example, although even profiles on the latter can be restricted. Although it is down to personal choice how you use your Facebook profile it is a sensible tip to make your profile private so that only people you have accepted or added as friends can see the content you post. You will tend to get friend requests from time to time from people you do not know or from people with a fake profile so you should strongly consider only accepting those you are familiar with.

Do not leave yourself logged in

It is common to scroll through your news feed and see that one of your friends has posted a status that is meant to embarrass them in some way. This happens when they have allowed someone else to use their profile or if they have left themselves logged in on a shared computer for example. As light-hearted (yet unimaginative) as these hijacked status updates are you should make sure you log out for a number of security reasons.

[author ]Joanne Daly is an active Facebook user and has studied social media in business during her university course. She recommends for personalised cover photos.[/author]

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