How To Find Your Content Marketing Voice

Most companies interact with their customers more than they realize. With social media sites, blogs, and company websites, your customers are talking to you when you don’t even realize it. So how do you make sure that your company leaves a lasting impression whether you’re the one doing the talking or your blog is? By finding your voice.

Image courtesy of @boetter

Image courtesy of @boetter

Whether you run a law firm, a day care, or a restaurant, your company’s voice will be, literally, what speaks on behalf of your business when you’re not around. Whatever message you’d like to send, whatever promotions you’d like to get out, and whatever information you’d like to deliver, your brand voice can either make or break how it is received. Your clients and customers have an expectation of your company operates internally. With the right voice, you can exceed their expectations and bring your daily interactions to a whole new level. Without the right voice or no voice at all, your company can ruin its reputation with its customers.

The voice you say things in is nearly as important as the things you say. Check out the tips below to make sure you’re company is being heard loud and clear.

What Does Your Audience Sound Like?

When deciding what voice your company should write its content in, you should always start with your intended audience. Believe it or not, your audience already has a voice; a way they prefer to interact with each other and with businesses and it’s your job to tap into those voices.

If your target audience is young professionals with no time to waste, short and sweet content that gets right to the point might be music to their ears. If you’re hoping to attract retirees, they might appreciate a voice that is more relaxed and subdued, taking the time to explain details.

By learning how your audience sounds, perhaps through interactions, social media, or surveys, you can create a voice that feels catered just for them. A truly personalized voice can help you forge a connection with your customers that they will not only appreciate but feel loyal towards.

What Does Your Competition Sound Like?

I will let you in on a little secret. You’re not the only company out there in search of a voice! A branded voice has long been a marketing favorite, and therefore, companies all over the world have been using voice to turn words into quality content. So why not take a few notes from your competition’s playbook?

Just like your audience has a voice, the companies you are competing against also have a voice. They might be worse off than you or they might have found the perfect voice to capture your target audience. Either way, listening in can only help you define a voice that is right for you.

While you shouldn’t outright copy another company’s voice, you can play off of a similar feel. If your competition uses a lot of humor in its content, you can try sprinkling a few jokes and puns throughout yours. On the other hand, if your competition uses a very stern, cut-and-dry voice, you can still try to incorporate humor to draw some attention away from them and onto you. By learning how your competition sounds and with your audience’s voice already in mind, you should be starting to craft an idea of what your own voice will sound like.

Remember Your Company Culture

You’ve been listening to your clients and you’ve been listening to your competition, now it’s time to listen to yourself. Every company is founded with certain goals, morals, and ethics in mind. We go on to create those beliefs into a company culture, which can turn into the personal touch we need for a branded voice.

Voice can only work when it feels authentic to the company. A pharmaceutical company that writes a lot of silly content just because it wants to appeal to a younger demographic won’t exactly work. Likewise, a dog grooming company that gets too serious with its blogging and tweeting won’t be able to create the right atmosphere for dog-loving people. Don’t stretch for a voice just because another company is using it or because a few customers sound that way. Use a voice that is true to your company.

Above All, Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to making a branded voice last. If you change your voice too often, your customers will feel confused, not to mention, your reputation will go up and down with your voice. Find your inner voice and use it as much as possible. If anything, your customers will stay loyal based on your reliability alone.

A voice can take a company blog and turn it into a reader’s sensation. A voice can also take website copy and turn it into engaging, informative content. Without a strong branded voice, your company can be missing a personalized touch that drives your message home again and again. Find your company’s voice and start interacting with your customers in a whole new way.

[author ] Pete Wise is the SEO Manager for Network Affiliates; which has been an ad agency for lawyers and doctors since the dawn of the internet. We were the first full-service Denver legal marketing in Colorado. Check us out on Twitter: @Netaff[/author]

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