Ecommerce 101: Researching Your Competitors

Have you considered the competition of your ecommerce business? Do you know what services they offer or how their business is better than your own? Many ecommerce business owners don’t. The truth is this can be a self-destructive mistake. If you want to be successful, you need to know where you stand with the competition. The following are just a few tips on researching your competitors.

Think Like a Consumer

The first tip is to think like a consumer. This includes searching for your competitors and viewing their websites. Approach each step as though you were a consumer searching for a business and shopping with the businesses that come up in your results. Remember to take notes along the way. Write down what you like about the site and what you don’t.

Hit Google

Consider what your services and products your business offers and search for other online businesses that offer this same service. This will give you an idea of how many businesses you’re in competition with. It will also give you an idea of which keywords other businesses are using and where you rank in search engine results. Simple searching research can provide you with valuable information against your competitors.

Spy on the Competition

This doesn’t mean you should do something illegal. What it means is simply visiting the websites of your competitors and seeing how they do things. See how much they charge for their services and products, read their product descriptions, read the about page to learn how they do business and how much they charge for shipping, etc. Remember to consider how consumers would view this information.

Create a Database of What You Learn

Last, but not least, compile the information into an easy to read spreadsheet. For example, you might list the top ten competitors and then compare the features, such as free shipping, ranking on search engines, and website design. This information can help you narrow down which businesses have the upper hand and how you can make your business more successful.

If you’re not sure of how you compare to your competitors, you’ll never know if your business is as good as it can be. With research and comparison of the results, you can determine if you have a top ranking business or if you own an average business. This process will take time, but it can help you make your business more successful. You’ll learn what you need to offer, the services your business offers that others don’t, and how easy it is for customers to find your website. The more work you put in, the bigger the payoff will be.

[author ]Danyel Behrns is an ecommerce specialist who loves seeing small business owners succeed. She encourages you to find out more about building ecommerce sites through watching living examples and through your own research.[/author]

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