How To Put Your Brand Out There

Marketing your product and brand can prove costly. It can often appear expensive and fruitless and you never quite know if you are pitching to the right market.
In order to thwart this frustration take a look at the following methods designed for getting your brand and product into the public arena?
Outdoor advertising in public places such as billboards, phone boxes and bus shelters have for some time been notoriously expensive. Such methods of advertising were once seen as the ultimate advertising tool for large companies with substantial marketing budgets. Now there are companies available that can help you promote your product in public places, all at a good price. Surely the more people who become aware of your brand and your product the greater the chances of a sale?

Image courtwsy of  nicholasnova

Image courtwsy of nicholasnova

Billboard advertising

You no longer need to be an international company with a huge marketing team to promote your product, service or company on a billboard. There are several companies in existence which offer services related to every aspect of advertising, including finding the right location for your advert, to printing the poster that will be pasted onto it. Imagine hundreds of cars stuck in queues on their way to work in the morning and all their passengers being able to see your advertisement?

Phone box advertising

Phone boxes in busy streets and city centres can be the perfect place to promote your brand right in front of potential customers. Whether you have a “one off” promotion you would like to advertise or a number of advertisements for different products, phone boxes can prove a great way of connecting easily with your audience. In fact phone boxes could be considered more useful for their marketing ability now than for their ability to make phone calls! This is due to the fact they are always sited in visible public places.

Bus stop advertising

There are over 70,000 bus stops in the UK. Imagine how many people walk past a bus stop or wait at one every hour of the day. They can provide the perfect place for would be customers to see your brand, product and company logo.

Many top organisations and companies use this method of marketing. For example, the NHS uses bus stop advertising to help put across health messages to the public. They are also popular with fast food retailers wanting to promote their monthly offer.

Whether you are a small company, a charity or a multi office organisation, outdoor advertising can prove highly beneficial in helping your brand be seen publicly and raise awareness of your company and its products.

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