Top 6 Most Wanted Android Apps

Android apps allow you to use many services, for purposes like gaming, finding locations, voice and video calling, sending emails, and lots more.

CallsFreeCalls app:

Communication is quite important for strengthening your relationships, but frequent interactions over mobile phone will get you big bills.  You can install software, CallsFreeCalls app on your Android devices, and then you can talk for hours together with the same app users, without spending any money. Isn’t it is beneficial? You can also text them, send images, enjoy video talk, and also video talk without worrying about an enormous bill. There are many such useful applications that will serve your purpose.

Callsfreecalls has helped many users in lessening their mobile bill every month. You can make both local and international calls for free. You can also call the non-users as the tariff rates are very reasonable. You will need to register with an authentic email ID for getting facilities of this amazing app.

5 other popular Android apps are listed below:

Bump – It has made communication easy and saves your time. You can now easily swap all your contact details, images, texts, and other files between two phones just by bumping them with each other. It also allows for syncing phones with computers. This app can be downloaded on your mobile phone for free.

Lookout – It is a security app, which is essential for all Android handsets. It automatically scans the device and tracks certain malware such as Trojans, viruses, phishing attacks, etc. the best thing is that it provides a back up of data stored in your gadget. Even if your phone crashes, you can still get back your lost data. This is available for free, which can be downloaded from the app center.

Dropbox – You can store all your important documents online with this app. These files or documents can be easily sent to your friends or colleagues. It is necessary that you store them in proper folders, or else you might not find it when you need it the most. You can save a lot of space on your phones by using this app.

Swype – This app will help you to type easily. It is best recommended for those people who cannot type fast. You can easily give space in between two words and send files or text messages easily. This app allows you to perform the task easily and automatically. This software can be downloaded on your Android handset.  

Wi-Fi Finder – Internet has become very important part of everyone’s life. It connects you with your friends or for business purposes. It helps you in finding an answer to all the questions. With the help of a Wi-Fi Finder app, your device can easily find out the fastest broadband network for faster internet connectivity in your gadgets.

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