Blog For Business: Top Business Blogs To Follow

More than ever, it is time for us all to be aware of the basics of the commercial world. From investments in stocks to property, and managing finances, business and money is a hotter topic than ever before.

Here we have put together some of the most influential and useful finance blogs out there, so you can have all the information you need to know about business and finance.


Blogs nowadays tend to be rather lazy, but the same cannot be said about Rortybomb. The posts on this website are particularly thought provoking and informed, so much so that in comparison other blogs just don’t cut it. The writers are comfortable with the abstract content and mathematical models which make others recoil in fear. This is coupled with a conversational writing style and pop-culture sensibility that ensures everybody can make sense of the information.


The volume of posts is immense and admirable. Launched in 2008, you can rely on WalletPOP for current and relevant consumer advice. This is why it is one of the most popular personal-finance sites on the web. Some areas that are covered include tips on household expenses and interesting considerations like which pet type is more economical and how much money women spend a year on eye-brow maintenance. To find out, check out the website.

Naked Capitalism

Yves Smith, the pseudonymous author of this financial blog was covering stories on the foreclosure scandal a couple of years ago and other economic scandals before others had even grasped the concepts related to them. As the name of the blog suggests, the writer is very well comfortable with the economic model and system of the world’s finances—he is strongly opinionated as well. He discusses the role of politics in the finance world in a biting and unrestricted manner – this is why so many refer to his posts.


Freakonomics is an empire. It began with a book about cheating teachers, bizarre baby names and crack-selling mama’s boys. Since then it has led to the creation of a blog, a radio show, a movie and lectures. According to Stephen Dubner, the blog has “taken on a life of its own” with the team of expert Freakonomists cranking out fun and fascinating posts at an admirable and incredulous frequency. Expect posts on Romanian witches, subcultures of knitting, prostitutes, baby names and fruit stands. Also expect other random and wacky topics – and a few normal ones about things like business finance. Lessons can be learnt from all of the posts and this is the magic of Freakonomics.

Planet Money

Unlike many other blogs out there using econospeak—a seemingly foreign language—writers from Planet Money use real English. This means that you can actually understand the complex economic model and analysis which they partake in. Most people do come out of reading an article feeling smarter than they did. To verify their success in speaking to the general public about economic issues, they covered issues like the financial crisis on the radio.

[author ]Hayley Jane is not an economist or even and economic student who knows the ins and outs of business finance. She is just someone with infinite curiosity about how our society really works and so, spends time reading Internet articles from blogs as listed above.[/author]

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