Keep Your Shopping Worries At Bay: LG’s New Smart Fridge Will Decide On Your Grocery List

“Life is good”, as the global consumer electronics giant has made us believe over the last few decades with the innovations and new products it brings to the market. The company is showing its range of appliances at the show of Consumer Electronics but it is betting big bucks on its range of smart household devices.

Advent of the Smart Refrigerator

One of the biggest innovations the company is displaying is a smart refrigerator with wireless internet connection. This can also be connected to smart phones as well as smart TV’s. The company’s Brand Director of Home Appliances of United States is of the view that this will not only enable monitoring of the appliances but will also help consumers use a device in more than one way in the times to come. This is a new strategy to woo the consumers who are getting the best of both worlds.

What is so special about the smart refrigerator?

The refrigerator with a French-door would be using LG’s Smart ThinQ technology and will help the consumers utilize the product’s LCD panel or even their smart phones for checking food kept inside. Some of the more unique advantages of the refrigerator would be:

  • Consumers would be able to check their expiry date as well as the location.
  • The Freshness tracker of the application would permit consumers to enter food items such as milk, eggs and vegetables and provide information on their expiry dates. This is a smart way to plan your day to day grocery list.
  • Smart phones would allow scanning of Grocery receipts which could later be downloaded by the fridge.
  • The Health Manager is a smart platform which would contain a separate profile of every user and the refrigerator would be aware of an individual’s dietary restrictions. The fridge would recommend dishes which can be cooked using the substances available inside and the suggested recipes could be given to LG smart oven for ensuring proper settings are made in advance.
  • The LCD panel or smart phones would allow consumers to track food items and their expiry date. This would reduce the amount of time one needs to prepare a grocery list and rack their brains by searching whether some ingredients are available or not through the traditional method of searching and finding out.

The company has also introduced devices such as a smart washing machine which would be able to self-diagnose the problems using Wi-Fi.

Moving towards a smarter future

The company also demonstrated the unique concept of Home Energy Management Systems (HeMS) which helps in managing lighting, smart appliances and HVAC in a much more efficient manner which helps in saving power. The new technology HeMS gathers data on energy usage in a home, allowing consumers to monitor electricity usage of every smart appliance hourly, daily and monthly.  All these are extremely savvy devices but the company is yet to give an official word on when these products would be available in the market. Surely, consumers are looking forward to LG’s smarter refrigerator which would know your grocery list to make your life easier.

[author ]Tim Johnson is head buyer for an electronics retail chain in Brisbane. He spends most of his hours testing new gadgets and home equipment before deciding which ones to carry in the stores. The French door fridge is his current favourite.[/author]

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