Why We Use Neon Signs

Neon signs have been in existence for about a hundred years now. They were first seen at the 1910 Paris Motor Show and quickly became extremely popular in the US. We still associate certain parts of that country with neon signage, such as Las Vegas and parts of New York. It is also a major feature of a number of large Asian cities where it somehow speaks of the future, despite being century-old technology. In fact, the vision of the future depicted in the film Blade Runner features a lot of neon signs.

In the UK, neon signs are also common and there is a simple reason for this – they stand out. They are illuminated at night and can be set to switch on and off at different times to create simple moving images or simply to attract attention. They can be custom made in whatever shape or colour a business might require. It might be the firm’s logo or it might simply be something that indicates what products are on offer.

Another great advantage of neon signs is that they are long-lasting. A neon tube can last for many years, perhaps even decades, without needing to be replaced. It is actually more common for a neon sign to fail because the wires have burnt out than because the tube itself has gone.

The long lifespan has also meant that neon lighting is now increasingly being used in architecture. If there is an awkward or unusual space that requires light, something will need to be specially made. It makes little sense to create something that will regularly need replacing, so neon can provide an ideal solution.

Of course neon signs don’t necessarily need to be custom made. Although this is common, it is quite easy to guess the types of businesses which might require a neon sign and therefore it is possible to create relevant signs that can be bought or even hired. You don’t necessarily need the name of your café to be depicted in neon – you can just have the word ‘café’ to attract people’s attention. The same applies to bars, nightclubs, discos and casinos. The sign can be one element of the outdoor signage, drawing the attention at night where an ordinary sign would not.

This is the greatest benefit of neon signs. They are bold and eye-catching in the dark and this is why they are so closely associated with nightlife. However, there are a million and one uses, from art to mirrors or whatever you require.

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