Marketing Performance Management Through CRM

Is it only important for sales to keep a track of what’s happening to the leads, where they are standing, what status do they have at any given time and how well are they being converted into sales? Of course not; marketing needs to develop a strategy or strategic planning that allows it to open a bigger door for new leads to enter in the sales funnel. Recent studies have shown that marketing performance management can be done through CRM and there are a few software development companies working on the idea but you don’t see a well-known CRM at the moment that specifically addresses the issue.

Image Courtsey of  Dell.

Image Courtsey of Dell.

For a business to keep its marketing and sales department synchronized in terms of lead generation, creation and management, there needs to be a system that bridges the gap between the two departments. There isn’t a better option to bridge that gap than to have CRM software. There should be a CRM system that allows the marketing department to manage its operations and processes just as the sales department does. It’s not written in the rule books that an idea of creating a funnel is only for the sales department. If there is a sales funnel for sales agents, there can be a marketing funnel for marketing personnel.

If you didn’t know then it’s the time to learn that there are some CRMs in the market right now that are directed towards marketing performance management. Any such CRM is setting a milestone at this very moment for other software development companies to come up with a new idea in marketing strategies. Marketing has been round since ages but no new ideas have been implemented in this department until now. With a new CRM that integrates the marketing campaigns, data, turnovers, leads and strategies in one place, any business can reach the pinnacle of its sales.

So this new CRM allows the marketing department to keep a track of its marketing strategies, techniques and the marketing funnel. How quickly the marketing department is able to provide sales department with leads is going to be decided based on the data this new MPM integrated CRM provides to the company. In short, with access to this CRM the marketing department as a whole would know the most effective campaigns in generating leads and those that are futile. They will be able to know what leads are worthwhile and which ones need a different strategy to become hot leads.

With the integration of this new CRM that collects all the marketing data, the marketing department will be a in a position to provide the most potential leads to the sales department. At the same time, this CRM will enable the sales team to focus on the most important leads and convert them into sales rather than sorting and sifting the leads all by themselves. In short, the use of internet tools such as the social networking websites, online surveys and others will not be cut down but a CRM with marketing data integrated in it will become an additional asset to the kit for marketers.

[author ]Edward Thomson works for one of the leading providers of CRM solutions in Europe.[/author]

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