Why Growing Your Twitter Business Following Just Got More Important

Until recently, businesses on Twitter, regardless of their size, following, retweets, etc…, experienced a relatively equal chance of being found through user content searches. This changed when Twitter recently announced it was implementing a filter which will rank the importance of tweets. Tweets may be designated as “none,” “low”, or “medium”. A future category of “high” has also been set aside. The tweets rank will determine if and where the tweet will show up in content search results.

Although Twitter has not laid out what criteria will be used in determining a tweet’s rank, as users have seen with Facebook, algorithms, ranking, etc… often mean businesses have less direct control over who sees the content they share. With the change to Twitter, some businesses chance of being located by individuals who are not current followers has decreased. Even if an organization uses a hashtag as part of the tweet, it may not be seen by a searcher if it is not highly ranked.

What this recent change to Twitter means for businesses is that they need to seek ways to actively and quickly grow and maintain their following. By having a significant following, an organization is able to ensure their message is still getting out via this platform. Further, an organization can be guaranteed to continue to gain exposure to those who are not currently following them via the re-tweets of great organizational content.

What are some methods an organization can use to grow its following? Below are three great ways.

  • Offer an incentive. Perhaps, the best way to incentivize new followers is to send them a discount code for an organization’s product or service. Of course, it is vital the organization get the message out about what it is offering in order for it to be effective. An organization can leverage the interest and interaction it has on other platforms to build a great Twitter following by sharing the special Twitter incentive.
  • Provide great content and ask current followers to re-tweet it. It has been shown time and again that followers on social media platforms will take action if requested. Therefore, when an organization shares a particularly newsworthy or unique story, it is appropriate to ask current followers to re-tweet it. This action can expose new potential followers to an organization. Of course, this tactic can be overused and become ineffective.
  • Utilize Twitter only content. If those interested in an organization’s product or service can get special insider information on Twitter, the likelihood new followers will seek out an organization on the platform increase.

The recent changes to Twitter mean that organizations, especially those new to Twitter, need to be proactive in building a following. This advice may mean an organization needs to seek local internet marketing services to ensure beneficial growth is accomplished.

[author ]Chris Marentis is considered an expert in the field of local business online marketing and is the founder and CEO of Surefire Social.[/author]

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