Pre-SEO analysis – Content and keywords

The goal of executing a SEO campaign is to position the website to rank well on search queries used by its prospective audience, which will help drive additional qualified traffic through search referrals.

Before starting your SEO Campaign, you should take stock of the existent on-page and off-page SEO activities to help you prepare a strategy for your campaign. This is accomplished through an SEO audit, keyword research, competitive analysis, and strategy implementation that enhance the website’s architecture and content so that it is easily indexed by search engines.


Building a great website that no one can find is still a common mistake among today’s marketers. The easiest way, to make sure your site appears top on search results is by making sure you host fresh and well-written content relevant to your niche market. After all, it is no secret that content is King. High-quality, search-friendly content allows businesses to populate their sites with keywords and valuable information for visitors (and both are important to search success).

In order to decide whether the content on your side works to your advantage or to your detriment, here are four guidelines to help you.

  • Content Structure and Layout
  • Duplicated Text and Template Design
  • Hidden Text or Links
  • Heading Tags
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Keyword Usage and Relevance

Keyword Research & Analysis of Phrases

One of the most important aspects of content is the use of appropriate keywords. With each industry having niche products and services there is a need to ensure relevance to the web page whilst discovering the terms that are likely to be searched. It is a corner stone to any SEO campaign and can result either in return on investment (ROI) within the set timescale or a lack of – a bad thing for such a marketing campaign.

Before undertaking your SEO campaign, you should undertake a keyword research in order to determine which words and phrases are appropriate for the web site and its page content. Check how many people perform a search each month the particular keywords / key phrases that have been used in on-page SEO. Also check what your competitors are doing especially how they are doing it.

Keyword research is a research process which sets out what keywords you could potentially target within your market that may bring potential returns in terms of traffic and visibility.

Today, rather than trying to guess what keywords are being used to search for kind of content you can definitive answers by using tools available on the Internet.

Some of the keyword suggestion tools are available free for use some you have to pay to use them. Fortunately the results obtained from both types of tools do not vary substantially.

Most tools that are free for use also have a set of reports available that you have to pay a modest sum of money to access. These reports would normally contain some specialized information not available when the tool is used for free.

Some of the most popular tools apart from Google Keyword tool, are Keyword spy, keyword eye and SEMRush.

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Written by Regina Timothy

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