Advantages For Outsourcing Your Payroll

Image courtesy of  Thetaxhaven

Image courtesy of Thetaxhaven

Every business needs to deal with the issue of payroll, and making sure that your employees are in a timely and organised fashion is imperative to a company’s survival. This is why the decision of whether to have your payroll services managed in-house or outsourced is an important one. The following are some reasons as to why outsourcing payroll services can benefit your company.


By outsourcing payroll, companies can take advantage of the level of expertise of dedicated payroll services companies, which are required to constantly be up to date with changing regulations, laws and government red tape. Smaller companies can benefit from this expertise that was previously only available to bigger corporations. The speed at which your payroll will be processed tends to be a lot quicker too, with the sort of resources available to specialised payroll services firms.


This particularly applies to smaller businesses, whereas for larger corporations in-house payroll services operations can be cost-effective, smaller companies will probably save a lot more money instead of hiring a book-keeper for a small number of employees. This reduces the overhead required, freeing up funds that can be more effectively used elsewhere in the business.

Time and productivity

The job of processing payroll is a time-consuming process and by outsourcing the task, this will free a lot of staff time, allowing them to peruse much more valuable and productive activities. You may even be able to cut down on the number of employees that you require.


With the benefit of years of experience, expertise and meticulous processes, outsourced payroll services are often less prone to errors than in-house staff. If any mistake is found, the outsourced company is liable and you can claim financial compensation, something that would not be possible with one of your own in-house employees.

Avoiding penalties

With the expertise of outsourced payroll services, the chances are you are much less likely to fall foul of any regulations, which can result in large fines you would much rather avoid. Studies have shown this to occur on a surprisingly frequent basis, particularly with small businesses.


By outsourcing payroll services, you prevent your company from falling in to trouble when your employee in charge of the role falls sick or moves on to different pastures. Whereas other functions of the business can carry on when this happens, payroll services is one of the parts of the business that has to be done on time. If you were to need to find a new person to fill in the role, you would need to have some sort of training or knowledge transfer from the previous person. Having an outsourced payroll service avoids this, providing safety that ensures that this situation does not arise.


Outsourced payroll services are often more secure, able to spot and alert customers to any fraud or suspicious activity and benefit from their experience in processing payroll services over a number of years.

[author ] Eilidh MacRae works for Trace Payroll, a payroll services company.[/author]

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