Smart IT Tools For Businesses

Businesses today need every advantage they can get to start and stay competitive. To that end, many IT solutions are designed to help manage everything from data to advertising and marketing statistics.

Google Analytics

With businesses, it is really all about numbers. For example, how much capital exists and how much revenue is coming in. For online marketing, businesses need to know how much traffic is coming in from websites and where it is coming from. This is necessary so that marketing and advertising efforts can be easily tracked.

Users may view which countries the sites are seen in and the percentage differences for what is driving traffic. Key numbers according to the day, week, month and year can be noted. The clearly marked graphs and charts provide information that can be used to expand upon.

In this way, new strategies can be developed and tweaked for the best results. Knowing where the majority of the web traffic is from can help to identify the demographics of the target audience. Every one of these aspects is critical – which is why Google Analytics is one of the best IT business tools available for these purposes.


IT systems of all types can benefit from using DropBox. Multitaskers can really appreciate the virtual link offered between every Internet device. The cloud saving ability allows users to retain every image, document and video clip into a single account.

DropBox also allows for easy file sharing with other users. Additionally, its file storage capability includes the ability to organize and maintain all of the files in the system. It is also possible to create personalized folders to save documents according to certain specifications, making retrieval far easier.

Best of all, this data can be accessed from any location at any time with an adequate Internet connection. When businesses need not worry about losing files, or whether the size of their files to send are too large, they can focus on more important aspects of the business.

At some point in most business transactions, it is necessary to get a signed document from a vendor or client. Many companies neglect to do this and doing so opens them up to all kinds of legal problems. Additionally, faxing and mailing out documents for signature is very time consuming. For companies that depend upon signed documents, they often must keep file cabinets of loose documents handy to refer to.

EchoSign allows users to type in names and initials after which the signed document is saved to the server for later reference. Usually, unless an agreement is signed, it is not legal. Therefore, rather than put the company at risk, ensure that signed documents are retained for all transactions. Rather than spend valuable time and money on paper and ink, use EchoSign to save on these resources while improving the company’s document ecosystem.

The above are just a few of the many smart IT tools designed to help businesses become organized and manage their operations in the most effective ways possible.

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