2013 Ushers In Mobile Marketing Predictions

The predictions are coming! Like Paul Revere charging across the countryside ready to give advance warning of the approaching British, so too are the marketing experts putting pen to paper and typing away at their computers ready to give the latest predictions that await this coming year.


This time the focus is all on mobile marketing. Who could have known that such mobile devices would impact how businesses market themselves?

As customers’ lives became busier, they switched over to using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices to stay in touch with friends and surf the Internet. Today, mobile devices now have a digital say in the customer’s buying and spending habits. Mobile advertising agencies appeared ready to assist businesses in this ever-changing technological marketing platform.

So predictions were bound to start pouring in concerning how mobile marketing is evolving the way companies do business. Here you will read the 3 top predictions we have concerning how mobile marketing will effect 2013.

Prediction #1: It’s All About Making The Payments

This has become the biggest hot button for businesses: How to find easier ways for customers to make payments for products and services they find searching the Internet on their mobile devices.

More vendors and software companies are answering the call for mobile payment options. With the development of mobile transaction and banking opportunities, small businesses can increase profits simply by using their smart phones to charge customers for their products and services.

Prediction #2: Expert Marketers Will Create a Multi-Year Mobile Strategy

For mobile advertising agencies to stay competitive and offer the latest services to companies, they will have to start thinking on a long-term basis when it comes to how mobile devices will be evolving. The near future will see more smartphone apps that will connect customers directly to the products and services they want. Mobile marketers must anticipate the influx of product apps for mobile devices and create more strategic solutions suited for long-term marketing efforts for continued sales instead of short burst marketing tactics.

Prediction #3: Mobile-Optimized Emails

Can reading emails from companies on your smart phone get any more annoying? You can’t see images, or the images are so large that you can’t get a clear picture of the product being offered. Text runs off the side of the screen so you have to scroll this way and that way trying to read everything.

A hoped-for prediction for 2013 is that marketers will optimize their emails for mobile users. Over 73 percent of people use their smartphone to check their email. Why would a company want to lose those customers who get frustrated over emails that they can’t read? When companies are involved with email campaigns, mobile-optimized emails is one thing they should not ignore.

[author ]Alex Nieland provides editorial on the mobile marketing industry. Mr. Nieland has written several publications relating to the latest tips, trends, and statistics within the mobile advertising sector.[/author]

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