How to Make Your Android’s Battery Last Longer

Android devices are simply rocking the popularity these days and it seems like android will end up the place for any new operating system. Though the Apple is also has its share increasing till now but it will not beat the Android.

Earlier I was not using the smartphone as I never thought of doing all the things from a mobile device. I was happy with the basic phone I was having as basically we need to do call and text using our phone. A smartphone don’t last for longer as it has lots of features that consume more battery.

I researched over the internet and found many tips which I would like to share with you. These tips will help you increase the battery life of your android smartphone. The best thing of these tips is that you don’t need to buy another battery nor you need to invest more.

Brightness of the Display – this is the major thing consuming more battery of your device but you can adjust it manually. You can find it in settings > display settings and then adjust it. Once you are out in the sun light then you can keep the brightness level to middle otherwise you can keep it to minimum. You will be able to see all the content easily and it will make your device last for longer.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Switch – once you are not using the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features then put their switch to off position. When they are on then your device continuously look for the Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth device which consumes battery. So when you know that you don’t need to search for such network then it is worth keeping their switch off.

Apps – apps are the main life of the smartphone. You ended up your day installing lots of apps but one day you will not find them interesting or for use. This is the right time to delete them as apps consume battery. So search for the apps which you don’t use and remove them.

Keep GPS Off – it feels great when our smartphone tells us about the geographical position but after few weeks the excitement is over. Now you can keep the GPS off to save battery. You can keep it on when you need to know about the location which you personally don’t know.

Use Task Manager Effectively – You have seen the task manager so many times but never used it. Now you can use it to help you save battery and it will also affect the performance of your device. When you are there in the task manager then you can end up all the running apps which will increase the available memory and also increase the battery life

Check Using Apps – this is the last thing you can do. Install an app like Battery Doctor and any such other on your device which will tell you regarding your uses. You will find that which feature of your device are consuming more battery. Now you can use these stats to improve the battery utilization.

[author ]Stephanie Johnson Work for Robustbuy which is largest China wholesale electronics web store where you can find everything from Windows Tablets to Windows smart phones and wide range of accessories for digital cameras, iPod, iPad, Android devices and for PC.[/author]

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