5 Awesome Link Building Strategies
Image courtesy of Search Engine People blog

Image courtesy of Search Engine People blog

Networking and online business success is almost synonymous. Surprisingly a network goes beyond just who you know and friends of friends. This is where link building comes in. Essentially, back linking which is also known as link building is the science and art of getting other websites to link to yours. Beware however, because if you jump right in without really knowing what you are doing, your technique might backfire. This is because Google, Yahoo and other search engines tend to be sensitive to too many links pointing back to yours. Focusing on the right methods of linking back to your site will help you avoid any drastic changes to your rankings in the future.

Before anything else, knowing what back linking is will be important. In essence, these are links pointing back to your website, links that are either ideally on other websites or on your own pages. Follow these 5 methods of getting links back to your site.

1. Business Directories
One method of building links is with the use of business directories. These are underutilized techniques that are powerful for getting your brand exposed and at the same time build links. Many engines for mapping such as Google Maps tend to look for references on directories for business. For sure, there are some that are better than other ones. On the other hand as long as you are able to create profiles that are useful to searchers, you basically can’t go wrong. Putting many descriptions that are relevant as part of your biography or profile and adding information where you can be contacted is important. It also helps for you to list on a few directories that are paid. You don’t have to break the bank but for a few bucks you can get listed on a premium business directory.

2. Guest Blogging
Keep in mind that as a guest blogger the site where content is submitted by you needs to be highly relevant to your line of business and have almost identical target markets. If this is not the case, you not only risk getting on the bad side of Google but you also won’t do very well on your page rankings.

3. Search Engine Optimization
On your own website, by now you most likely know that SEO is more than just content. There are a few ways you can optimize your website and knowing all the different SEO techniques you can put into good use for your own website is important. You can begin by doing research on what keywords your target market types the most and go from there.

4. Write Press Releases
One way you can get back links to your website for free is to send press releases written by you to free sites that have to do with press releases. Not as good as the guest posts are but these are still essential if you are serious about climbing the Google ladder.

5. Social Media
One back link tool that is powerful is social media and through sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, your content can be shared easily. In most cases, this will come from links that point to you site. These are called social signals or a social vote and are a good way of building links that are organic, indicating that these are safe from updates on Google such as the recent update on Panda. Engaging actively on sites can help you leverage social media. Make your own profile and begin populating this with content that is relevant. Have your blog and website link on all your pages in your profile. Engaging in group discussions and taking part in what others are talking about on social media relevant sites is also important.

When you do these five things you will help build more links to your site and attract more natural links.

[author ]Article writen by Mark Jones of OSI Affiliate, the best affiliate software.[/author]

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