My Life as an IT Consultant

Working as an IT Consultant is challenging and varied with excellent financial rewards and great career prospects. But what’s it like to work as an IT consultant and how do you get started?

Simon has worked as an IT consultant for the last eight years. He works for a management consultancy firm based in London and loves the varied and technical side of the role. While the hours can be intensive, the salary and bonuses are excellent. Simon is keen to share his story with graduates looking to break into the world of IT consultancy:

Image by Balaji Dutt

Image by Balaji Dutt

Getting Started

There is fierce competition for IT consultancy jobs, so the right qualifications are an important starting point. A degree in an IT related subject is vital, and Simon strongly believes that additional qualifications including postgraduate courses can be advantageous. Specialisms in software engineering, computer science, business studies or mathematics can help graduates to stand out from the crowd. One of Simon’s main points on getting started is that an in-depth knowledge and up to date information about IT and technology is essential.

Key skills needed

Simon’s experience has shown him what makes a strong IT consultant. You need excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and a highly logical mind. Attention to deal and a meticulous approach are also important, particularly when implementing new IT systems. Finally as a consultant, Simon needs to have excellent interpersonal and presentation skills when meeting with clients, training new users on IT systems, explaining technical issues to staff with limited understanding of IT or working with different internal departments.

Typical IT projects

During his career as an IT consultant, Simon has worked on a wide range of projects and it’s this variety that really attracted him to the role. Some examples of projects that Simon has managed include designing and installing software and IT systems, testing networking scenarios, writing reports and recommendations, training new users on new systems and providing ongoing IT support. In all cases, Simon spends time establishing client’s objectives and reviewing information system requirements and priorities so that his time can be spent effectively.

Salary and benefits

Salaries for IT consultants are generally high, particularly for those consultants based in London. Graduates could expect to earn between £25,000 – £30,000 as a starting salary and this quickly increases with experience. Established consultants often earn in excess of £70,000 – £100,000 and high performance-related bonuses are common.

With the rise of the digital world and constant advancements in IT technology and systems, the role of IT consultants will become more and more essential. IT consultants like Simon are invaluable to companies both in the UK and overseas, and demand for this area of work will continue to grow.

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